Best Buses mods for American Truck Simulator

Comil Invictus BUS [1.38]

Comil Invictus BUS [1.38] for American Truck Simulator

Chassis: 6×2 and 8×2 (original height and lowered); New 3D construction method lighter and more beautiful designs; Project focused on simulation, technical parts according to reality; Super real suspension, real engines, Ishift Real transmission; High quality sound recorded from a real model; Interior with correct dimensions and positions to provide a good feeling when driving,…

Download Comil Invictus BUS [1.38] 

Busscar Visstabuss DD 8×2 15M [1.38]

Busscar Visstabuss DD 8×2 15M [1.38] for American Truck Simulator

Chassis 8×2; Mercedes Benz O500RSDD; Two mirror options; DRL system and sequential arrows on the body; Extremely realistic suspension, bringing comfort when riding; Engine and gear configured according to the technical sheet; Recorded sound of a real model; Several paintings that run around Brazil, now doubled in size for more definition (4096×4096); A new layout…

Download Busscar Visstabuss DD 8×2 15M [1.38]