Best American Truck Simulator Cars mods

Ford Focus Hatcback – Sedan V1.1 [1.37]

Ford Focus Hatcback – Sedan V1.1 [1.37] for American Truck Simulator

Changelog Stop Hatchback Fixed The darkening of the glass is fixed. The pixelation in the sedan main model was fixed. The gap between the mast and the ceiling was closed. Audio errors fixed. Standalone For sale in Ford 2 cabs (Hatchback Sedan) Own interior (glass animations) Own sounds (gasoline diesel) Own wheels (3 options) Own

Download Ford Focus Hatcback – Sedan V1.1 [1.37] 

BMW M4 GTS V1.1 [1.37]

BMW M4 GTS V1.1 [1.37] for American Truck Simulator

Engine Sound Updated (1.37) Added Glass Animation. No Rain Droplets In The Glass When It Rains. Added Ui Shadow Added Dummy To Lm Parts And Fixed Bugs. Wiper Error Fixed. Added Extra Engine. Independent “Standalone”” Flattened Chassis Normal Chassis 3 Different Engine Interior Standard, Metallic Color 2 Different Wheels+4 Different Plating Animations Available Glass Animation

Download BMW M4 GTS V1.1 [1.37] 

Mercedes Benz A45 V1.4

Mercedes Benz A45 V1.4 for American Truck Simulator

Autonomous Sold at Volvo Motor Show Own interior Own wheels Own engines and gearbox Own work Tuning Improved glass DLC Cabin Accessories Support Test version: 1.37.x, Passenger mod for ATS Both trailers can be set simultaneously (not tested with trailers) Mobile Home for 1.32 1.37 here A car trailer for ownership for 1.32 1.37 can

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