Bellingham Heights Improvements Map V2.0 for ATS

Bellingham Heights Improvements Map V2.0 for American Truck Simulator

Changelog v2.0
New WA-9 Road from Van Zandt to WA-20.
Also some new roads near Bellingham, near WA-20.
Some more road sign improvements on WA-20 near I-5 and on SCS’s road which has unhidden in the mod.
Improvements on default SCS’s landscapes for better looking from WA-9 and other new roads.

Here Is Short Description Of What Has Been Done:
New semi-fake town “Middle Fork Valley”
Some part of “Mosquito Lake road” near the Middle Fork Nooksack river.
A little bit improved unhidden road from Bellingham to Deepgrove company (some road signs were added or improved)
Road signs edited near Everett, WA (“Darwing” writings on road navigation signs changed to “Boeing” ones)
The roads between Bellingham and Deepgrove company, also roads near Astoria, Coos Bay, detour rough road on OR58 are made visible on the map.
Parking spot near a house in Redmond, OR (this town is not visible on the map, it located to the north from Bend, OR. I made it just for myself use for playing roleplay situation of living there).

Work 1.36, 1.37



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