Fly/Debug Camera Hidden Modes Other for ATS

Fly/Debug Camera Hidden Modes for American Truck Simulator

FLY/DEBUG Camera Hidden Modes with this mod will unlock hidden modes in debug camera so you can create more cinematic videos and very nice smooth shoots also cursor speed is lowered for smoother effect.

Those modes are activated by typing in “g_debug_camera 1” then switch to Fly camera and with numpad 7 switch to different camera modes.

Features Mod FLY/DEBUG Camera Hidden Modes:
Video Mode Debug Camera
Cinematic Mode Debug Camera
Animated Mode Video Camera
FOV Debug Camera
Adjust Debug Camera with Joystick or mouse
compatible with ETS 2 and ATS games

g_debug_camera 1
g_flyspeed 10
c_msens 0.10

Tested on game version 1.36.x



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