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Best ATS Skins Mods

Medalla Light Skin Trailer

Medalla Light Skin Trailer for American Truck Simulator

Inspired by the medals of the 1979 PanAmerican Games, Medalla Light was born as a celebration of our athletes’ triumphs. With San Juan hosting the games for the first time, the 1979 PanAmerican Games marked Puerto Rico’s history forever. That year, our delegation won 21 medals that not only made an entire country proud, but…

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Dueñas Trailers

Dueñas Trailers for American Truck Simulator

*53ft dry box only* soon in 45 and 48 ft dry boxes About Us Founded in 1991, Dueñas Trailers mission is to be the leading service provider of space and storage solutions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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Werner Freightliner Cascadia + Trailer

Werner Freightliner Cascadia + Trailer for American Truck Simulator

Werner’s fleet consists of more than 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers and approximately 13,000 associates and independent contractors worldwide. The main commodities of freight transported are retail store merchandise, consumer, manufactured and grocery products. This pack consists of a truck skin for the SCS Freightliner Cascadia and a trailer skin for the SCS box trailer. The…

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