Best FMOD mods for American Truck Simulator

Marmon 57P Truck V1.1

Marmon 57P Truck V1.1 for American Truck Simulator

1) The truck has all the animations 2) Sounds returned (except for “Paccar”, since I have no sounds for these engines, and I really didn’t want to mess with FMOD) 3) Improved the geometry of objects in the cabin, including side mirrors 4) Added the ability to install steering wheels from DLC SCI Steering Wheels…

Download Marmon 57P Truck V1.1 

Cold Rain V0.1 [1.40]

Cold Rain V0.1 [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

✔ Textures of raindrops for windows and windshield have been changed ✔ An increased amount of raindrops from inside the cabin ✔ Rain textures have been improved ✔ The effects and behaviors of the drops on the windshield and windows have been changed ✔ The texture and effects of the water particles on the wheels…

Download Cold Rain V0.1 [1.40] 

International 9800 Sound FIX For Versions [1.39 – 1.40] Beta

International 9800 Sound FIX For Versions [1.39 – 1.40] Beta for American Truck Simulator

This mod is the replacement for the previous International 9800 Sound Mod. This mod is a sound fix for the International 9800, where you have your own truck mod sounds, converted to Fmod. It brings its engines with their respective sounds and effects from the original mod. Functional only for versions 1.39 and 1.40 beta….

Download International 9800 Sound FIX For Versions [1.39 – 1.40] Beta