Best Trailers mods for American Truck Simulator

Trailers And Cargo Pack By Jazzycat V4.3.1

Trailers And Cargo Pack By Jazzycat V4.3.1 for American Truck Simulator

Version 4.3.1 – pack adapted for patch 1.40.x Pack adds in game 44 new trailers and 130 new cargo. All standalone. Works on any maps. For ATS version 1.40.x Compatible with all my packs. Models and skins by SCS Software, Giant Software, SoftLab, Astragon Software, Polygonish, Cape, Bruno77, Bora, Hardtrucksthebest, Rubberduck, Mavis, Sherry0, Tony1971, luder,…

Download Trailers And Cargo Pack By Jazzycat V4.3.1 

Stacked SCS Lowboy Trailers [1.40]

Stacked SCS Lowboy Trailers [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

A few customizations now survive through F7 cycle (I’m still working to make more survive). (Some customizations of the base game are disabled because they never survive F7 cycle.) Wheel/tire customizations still will not survive. Paint jobs survive. Bodies survive (Wood-Rail, Full Wood, Wood w/Alum) Some Fenders And Mudflaps Survive (front & Rear): (Front will…

Download Stacked SCS Lowboy Trailers [1.40]