Best American Truck Simulator Trailers mods

Wilson Cattle Trailers [1.37.X]

Wilson Cattle Trailers [1.37.X] for American Truck Simulator

Adapted to 1.37.x ATS game version. Fully standalone. Fixed trailer list name. Fixed trailer visor name. 2, 3 & 4 axis chassis versions and single / double. Ownable. Freight market. Trailer cables. Advanced coupling. 4 different cargos. Reflective stripes. A.i. traffic (all chassis variants and singles & doubles). Clean game log.

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TOW Truck Broken Trailer [1.37]

TOW Truck Broken Trailer [1.37] for American Truck Simulator

The trucks broke down and they need your help to repair them at Kenworth dealerships. This mod uses the first part of the SCS truck in combination with conventional trailers It also adds complex heavy and long loads Features Of The Mod: Standalone trailer 24 SCS of freight + heavy and oversized cargo The color

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93-RP Mod Triple Trailer MP

93-RP Mod Triple Trailer MP for American Truck Simulator

When you want to use this mod pls leave your garage and you could spaw the trailer, otherwise you will spaw with and the length will be too large so you will have entered a collision with the wall, beware the convenience store (F7) works but bug because of the length New: 24 Trailers you

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Forest Machinery Trailers [1.37]

Forest Machinery Trailers [1.37] for American Truck Simulator

Forest Machinery DLC is the next step in our series of heavy cargo expansions, which introduces machinery and equipment designed and designated for the hard-working people of the wood industry in American Truck Simulator. Their Unique Jobs Demands Specialised Trailers And Accessories. These Exclusive Cargoes Can Be Found Within “woodworking” State Territories Like Oregon And

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