Tremcar 3A Sanitary Trailer V1.4 [1.38.X] for ATS

Tremcar 3A Sanitary Trailer V1.4 [1.38.X] for American Truck Simulator

Changes 1.4
Fixed blank specular map on lights
Added 44 ft/6500 gal model
Added standard rear bumper model
Cargo definitions now use .sui extension, following SCS’ lead
Added light panel accessory for suspension bogey
Localization update

Changes 1.3
Trailer now uses SCS ‘foodtank’ body type
Separated markers, mudflap and r_bumper accessories
Added f_body, bogeypnl (future), and livery (future) accessory locators.
Separated body model; added polished body option (end caps are prebuffed to match shell instead of standard #4 finish)
Added two new cargoes: Cod Liver Oil, and Molasses

Changes 1.2
1.35 model format
New custom cargoes (canola oil, hfcs, maple syrup, peanut oil)
DOT tape now uses retroreflective effect

This is a thorough rework of Corby’s Tremcar food grade tanker with a drastically lower poly count, tweaked proportions, and some texture/material work that I’m fairly happy with. It uses the base game milk cargo, supports advanced coupling and has animated landing gear — all that good stuff.


Smarty, Corby

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