Diamond REO Royale Truck Beta for ATS

Diamond REO Royale Truck Beta for American Truck Simulator

So here is the Diamond Reo Royale truck. This is a beta version and will be further developed. In particular, it is planned to make your own salon, while information on the salon is being collected, and if I have free time, I will do it. Since this is a beta version, the truck still has problems. Over time, they will be resolved. The model has a little tuning, two cabins, custom and normal. Two pairs of chassis under custom and under normal. It is desirable to use wheels from smarty. Well, enjoy the game. And yes, only for version 1.37 and higher.
It is forbidden to sell, you can redo the model only for yourself, or with my consent. In the archive of templates for coloring books for creativity.
The dashboard is taken from the CyrusTheVirus Mack Ultraliner model and is completely redone by me for what you see in the game.


selonik, bansheewoj, CyrusTheVirus, scs

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