Trucks mods for American Truck Simulator

Kenworth T880 Fix V1.6 1.35 & Up

Kenworth T880 Fix V1.6 1.35 & Up for American Truck Simulator

Changelog in v1.6 Fixed dashboard lights Moved bumper lights to be linked with headlights Fixed the look of headlights   Texture cleanup Corrected lights Made standalone Added advanced coupling for short chassis Def file cleanup and tweaking Removed incorrect engines Added correct engines Added correct gearboxes Added missing icon for truck configurator

Download Kenworth T880 Fix V1.6 1.35 & Up 

Project3Xx V20.10.19 1.36.X

Project3Xx V20.10.19 1.36.X for American Truck Simulator

This is a project unlike you’ve ever seen. Multiple truck models all included in one mod. To Start: 357, 377, 379. The End: 330, 357, 367, 377 SBA and SFFA, 379, 386, 389, custom 579 hood. Changes V20.10.19: Updated for version 1.36; Improved compatibility with DX11.

Download Project3Xx V20.10.19 1.36.X 

Kenworth W990 Edited By Harven V1.2.1 [1.36.X]

Kenworth W990 Edited By Harven V1.2.1 [1.36.X] for American Truck Simulator

Features: the truck can be purchased at level 0 but also supports player progression (level up to unlock more parts), parts prices are set to match SCS trucks, 9 Engines (5 Varinats Of Cummins X15 And 4 Variants Of PACCAR MX-13) With Real Specs And Awesome Sounds By Kriechbaum. One Of PACCAR Engines Is Multitorque (455MT) With Higher Torque In Overdrive Gears (gear Ratio < 1.0), For Instance 8L And 8H In 13 And 18 Speed Transmissions, 13 Transmissions 5 Manual, 5 Automated And 3 Automatic All Based On Real Specs, The Shifter Inside The Cab Will Change Based On Selected Transmission And Will Show The Proper Gears Layout For Selected…

Download Kenworth W990 Edited By Harven V1.2.1 [1.36.X] 

International Durastar 4400

International Durastar 4400 for American Truck Simulator

This mod belongs to a columbian modder who is going around hacking peoples profile, stealing peoples mods and pictures that they posted in facebook groups. He is also showing people pictures of mods he doesn’t have and taking people’s money for it with the return of no mods. this is one of his mods and the reason for leaking it is because he hacked my facebook profile and got facebook to delete it and also have them blocking me from creating any new aaccount.

Download International Durastar 4400 

Volvo NH12 2004 (2IN1) [1.31.X]

Volvo NH12 2004 (2IN1) [1.31.X] for American Truck Simulator

Updates for ATS 1.31.x in comparison with ETS2: Dump truck and regular truck separated in two different models. Fixed truck part glitches like BDF dumper mudguard for regular chassis. Fixed cabin/interior appearance now both truck versions can wear only right cabin/inerior set. Updated licence plate from Iranian to Brazilian for Brazilian market(tested on default and Mario maps). Each model have his own spot at Volvo dealer(Volvo dealer you can find at Tucson, Las Vegas for default maps). Added more engines and more transmissions. NOTE: Read mod description in mod manager for detailed information.

Download Volvo NH12 2004 (2IN1) [1.31.X] 

Scania T Version 05.08.18

Scania T Version 05.08.18 for American Truck Simulator

Autonomous Registered in Kenworth and Peterbilt Cabins are identical Scana T RJL Chassis identical to Scania T RJL Tuning is identical to Scania T RJL three interiors Wheels with ETS2 The prices of tuning and a truck are greatly understated Own sound SISL package support Some additions In the version of 05.08.18: adaptation to version 1.31

Download Scania T Version 05.08.18 

Roman Diesel V1.1

Roman Diesel V1.1 for American Truck Simulator

Edited for ATS Calvin You Just Got: 4 new tires 2 engines with new sounds A very realistic ROMAN Diesel truck and a low spec PC compatible mod 🙂 Two chassis to choose from (4×2 or 6×4) Original wheels (rim, hub, cover) Realistic gearboxes (AK5-35/AK6-80/AK6-80 GV-80) Six iconic skins Fully animated interior Realistic dashboard dials lighting Original addons (spoiler, gps, fenders, air filters, mirrors, etc.) Paintable version for almost all exterior addons WARNING: no cables added 🙁

Download Roman Diesel V1.1 

Mzkt 742910 Volat (1.31 Compatible)

Mzkt 742910 Volat (1.31 Compatible) for American Truck Simulator

The MZKT 742910 Volat is a military truck that got brought over to ATS that gave players the chance to drive and own their own personal military truck. This truck is one of the few military trucks in existence of ATS that was made and I managed to update it. With this truck you have to remember that this is a military truck and that this truck is mainly used for heavy haul loads due to the fact that with normal trailers being buggy. To sort this problem out I added Jazzycats’ military cargo pack to the download along with the truck so that you can drive a military truck with…

Download Mzkt 742910 Volat (1.31 Compatible) 

Freightliner Inspiration + Interior

Freightliner Inspiration + Interior for American Truck Simulator

Features Truck: independent truck model High quality 3D model High detailed exterior High detailed interior the model has own sound the model has own interior the model has own wheels present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat cabin the choice of chassis the choice of power engine the choice of transmission, gearbox the choice of wheels configuration the choice of color body / metallic paint / skins correct position of the Freightliner logo Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals; The correct position of the player interior accesories configuration There are external…

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