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Mediterranean Expansion V1.3 [1.39]

Mediterranean Expansion V1.3 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V1.3: Fixed no licence plates being on Trucks. Improved Chania. Added an extra company to Chania. Made compatible with 1.39 Changelog V1.2 Updated the road connecting Chania and Heraklion, Made minor improvements to both cities and fixed signs. Created a mod which I have named Mediterranean Expansion. The map is currently in an open beta meaning you can download and install the map but don’t expect it to be the greatest quality. The reason why it is in open beta is because over the next few weeks I will not be able to work on the map so I attempted to create something playable. Just don’t expect any updates anytime…

Download Mediterranean Expansion V1.3 [1.39] 

Promods + Rusmap Road Connection V1.2 [1.39]

Promods + Rusmap Road Connection V1.2 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changes V1.2 Updated connector for communication RusMap_2.3.1 and Promods_2.51 The fix enables a land connection between the maps “ProMods” v2.51 and “RusMap” v2,.3.1 For this modification, you must have the DLC “Going East”, DLC “Scandinavia” DLC Vive la France, DLC Italia, Baltic, Black Sea For ProMods 2.51 Correct Installation: 1. Remove the old fix “ProMods_RusMap_Road_Connection.scs”. 2. Connect the new fix “PM251_RM2.3.1_roadconnection.scs”. Attention! This Mod Is Intended Only For A Bunch Of Maps “RusMap” V2.3.1 + ProMods 2.51 And Should Have A High Priority In The List Of Modifications! cnx-pm-v250-rm-v221.scs RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package ProMods Definition package ProMods Map Package ProMods Media Package ProMods Models Package…

Download Promods + Rusmap Road Connection V1.2 [1.39] 

Bartoland Map V2.1 [1.39]

Bartoland Map V2.1 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V2.1 Update for 1.39 You will find 90 kms new of roads or paths in addition, 36 new company, 2 garages, 1 ferry, 4 trains, 1 fuel station, and 9 cities or villages to discover, including a city under construction, a city on an island, a futuristic city where it is not good to miss a bend, which will please some and confuse others – etc, an almost known desert, a swamp, a gorge or everything will not pass…etc…. Changelog V2.0 Added 60 kms of roads and paths, 12 more businesses, new sets, and a surprise, reserved for moviegoers Changelog From 19.06.20 Small update, with corrections of some bugs, and…

Download Bartoland Map V2.1 [1.39] 

Southern Poland V1.2

Southern Poland V1.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Southern Poland by Matt_Elo2001– this is a small map of the southern region of Poland. In this region you can admire both mountainous terrain and lowlands. Agriculture predominates in this area, but there are also industrial companies. I am a novice map maker for ETS 2, so please be understanding. Changes In V1.0: – national road No. 79 has been added from the roundabout in Słupia to the roundabout in Łoniów – the city of Polaniec has been added – three companies were added: Biedronka in Połaniec and in Łoniów, ZTE in Połaniec – added sleeping points (houses) and a gas station – light reconstruction of the national road from the…

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Poland Rebuilding V2.4.4

Poland Rebuilding V2.4.4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V2.4.4 Update for 1.39 & ProMods 2.51 Fixed bugs Changelog V2.4.3 The map has been adapted for the ETS2 1.38 and PM 2.50 updates Some bugs have been corrected Updated translations Temporary border checks added in the previous update have been removed Road connections to PM areas have been improved Added DK12 (PM) Added Chełm (PM) The DW106 road was refreshed and discovered (The change took place in the previous version, in FIX) Viewpoint added – Westerplatte (Similar to those from ATS) A new dimension route has been added (Świnoujście -> Gdańsk) REQUIRED MODS: ✔ ProMods Map 2.51 OPTIONAL MODS: ✔ RusMap REQUIRED DLC: ✔ Going East ✔ Scandinavia ✔…

Download Poland Rebuilding V2.4.4 

Eastern Express: The Opening Of Roads V3.0

Eastern Express: The Opening Of Roads V3.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

✔ Mod opens blocked roads M05 and H15 on the border of the DPR and Donetsk region ✔ Zone on the M05 highway: the pavement and fences were redesigned, traffic was started, the yacht, the probe and the helicopter on duty ✔ The border is equipped with special equipment, structures, additional signs and lighting ✔ Navigator routing works ✔ It is planned to open a section on the M04 highway and further on the border of the LPR and Luhansk region Version 3.0 For Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1. 39. X): ✔ Update for 1.39. x and the Eastern Express map version 11.8 and higher Used models from the map “Russian…

Download Eastern Express: The Opening Of Roads V3.0