North Macedonia Rework V1.3.2 [1.38] Map for ETS2

North Macedonia Rework V1.3.2 [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V1.3.2
Added compatibility with ProMods 2.50 and ETS2 v1.38;
Fixed some bugs;

Changelog V1.3.1
Added compatibility with ProMods 2.46 and ETS2 v1.37;

Changelog V1.3.0
Added compatibility to ProMods 2.45 and Road to the Black Sea DLC;
Fully reworked the city of Struga and made some changes in the area;
Partially reworked the Ohrid Airport and other places in and near Ohrid;
Added a few new real-world companies some of the cities;
Added overlays to roads added by this mod.
Other fixes and changes to map;

This mod is compatible with Euro Truck Simulator v1.37 and requires ProMods v2.46.

This Mod Adds 3 New Cities To The Existing ProMods Map:
Струга (Struga);
Крушево (Krushevo);
Кичево (Kichevo);

This Mod Adds 3 New Roads To The ProMods Map:
R-1305 (Bitola Demir Hisar – Kichevo);
R-1306 (Demir Hisar – Krushevo);
R-1311 (Bitola Staravina (Only to REK Bitola));

Map Corrections And Changes:
Added РЕК Битола (MEC Bitola) coal power plant;
Corrected the area around the Lukoil petrol station near Bitola (Added new R-1101);
Added new junction south of Kichevo connecting the R-1305 to the E-65;
Changed the prefabs on the exit from Ohrid (E-65) to Struga (E-852);
Changed the prefab on the connection between the E-65 and R-1305 (Bitola) to allow for left turns;

New Sign Additions:
> Skopje Ring-Road – a new sign before the exit for Skopje-West and many “Transit” signs have been added along the road;
> Near Struga – adds new signs on the E-65 before the exit for the E-852 and the Ohrid Airport;
> Near Bitola – adds new signs around the junction between the E-65 and the R-1305;
> Near Prilep – adds new signs before the exit for Novo Lagovo and Prilep;
> Near Gradsko – adds new signs before the junction between the E-65 and E-75;
> Near Veles – Adds a new sign before the exit for Veles;

Sign Corrections:
> Skopje Ring-Road – Corrects the sign before the exit for Skopje-Centre and Prishtina and corrects the size of the sign before the exit for Skopje-East;
> Near Struga and Ohrid – corrects the writing and placement of the signs near the junctions;
> Near Bitola – corrects the writing of many signs around the junction between the E-65 and R-1305;
> Near Prilep/Novo Lagovo – Corrects the sign text and placement on the exit for Novo Lagovo and Prilep;
> Struga Corrects the signs around the roundabout;

Recommended Load Order:
. . . //Other mods
N.Macedonia Rework Definitions
N.Macedonia Rework Map
N.Macedonia Rework Materials //1.3.0 and newer
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
. . . //Other ProMods packages and mods



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