Roextended Project V2.2 + ALL Extras By Arayas [1.36.X] Map for ETS2

Roextended Project V2.2 + ALL Extras By Arayas [1.36.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This is a complete map of Romania with a lot of cities from the Romania, all the main cities from every county. All the cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game in.
All cities are are brand new, no copy/paste was used (what’s the point?). Some are big, some not.

You need all 4 map DLC: East, Scandinavia, France and Italy.

*Baltic DLC optional

Changes In V2.2:
8 new cities: Chernobyl, Korosten, Kovel, Lutsk, Novograd-Volynsky, Exactly, Sarny, Shepetovka
3 new connections with Belarus and 2 with Poland
Many non-standard loading / unloading points
Chernobyl NPP remains the scenery
Closed forest roads
Double adaptation, for [1.35] and [1.36] with DX11] in two separate versions
More than 4000 edited files for 1.36.x

Mandatory Requirements:
Map DLC needed: Bella Italia, Vive la France, Going East, Scandinavia.
Baltic DLC optional the map works with or without it
Game version: 1.36.xx
Promods 2.42 for Promods version

almost any map except MhaPro (broken road connection), Eastern Express or Project Balkan.
Respect the loading order from video from SUPPORT page
First load can be long, after that it load in just few seconds

BONUS: YKS Turkey map rescaled to 1:19


Todor Alin for materials and support
-Etrusan 3D for his new map assets
-Jazzycat for romanian car models
-SlavikSD for updating some files (errors removing)
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.
-Elyxir for his materials from older Romania map
-Satan 19990 for some of materials
-Bluetruck for his Blue materials
-Stefan 1994

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