Sibir Map Reworked [1.31 To 1.37] for ETS2

Sibir Map Reworked [1.31 To 1.37] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Recognizable landscapes of Western Siberia (steppes, forest-steppes, taiga)
Cities and large towns
Detailed study of the area (according to panoramas and satellite images)
Zoomed-in map for the sensations of a really long trip and displaying the necessary details
City walks, federal highways, and local roads
Custom map objects

Now on the map are two regions Omsk and Tyumen regions

Map scale 1 3.
A functioning economy, custom companies regional, federal, international (Baikal-Service, Magnit, Omsk Bacon, Gazprom, Agriculture, Ikea, Nizkotsen, Krasnoe & Beloe, etc.).
Several complex interchanges made by hand, without the use of default prefabs.
Added the city of Ishim, modeled on panoramas, very close to reality.
More than 500 (!) Custom objects, including stellas, houses, etc.
A few small Easter eggs that can be found by carefully examining the map.
All Car Dealerships On The Map!
Two garages.

Significant expansion of the city of Omsk
A section of the P254 highway from Omsk to Kalachinsk
Locations: Kormilovka
New firms
Added a lot of objects
Multiple minor fixes made
Optimization and a small revision of the old sections of the map

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