Bens Easy Modding – Create OWN Mod + Tools For Modders [1.38] for ETS2

Bens Easy Modding – Create OWN Mod + Tools For Modders [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V24.08.20
Corrected the Money+XP mod for ATS;
The UI, Money + XP mods will now get data directly from the game files.
Some mods should be more compatible with future releases of the games.
When a new version of a game is released, repack a mod to see if it will be
compatible with the new version of the game.
Corrected the ‘Compatible with’ version in the mod information.

Corrected the Grain Hopper Company Logo Mod;

Changelog 1.35.2
Corrected a bug in the New Profile Money XP Mod
If you modify source files they will now be loaded.
Added the Krone trailers to the Company Logo mod.
Added an option to use metallic paint or not on the owned trailers in the Company Logo mod.

made a couple of programs to accelerate making mods. Now I would like to present to you: Ben’s Easy Modding (BEM) for Windows. It’s a program that I have created to help almost everyone make mods for ATS & ETS2. It’s totally free and you can use it whether you know very little about making mods or are a modder yourself.

Here Are Some Of The Features:
For Everyone:
Create a company logo paint job for all the trucks;
Add your photo as a driver and modify the drivers’ photos and names;
Place the route adviser where you want;
Create a new profile that starts with a custom amount of money at a custom level;
Copy the settings of a profile to another;
For Modders:
View the UVs of a model;
View a 3d model (view images on the model if you want);
Extract the SCS base files and convert the models;
Convert image files to and from dds.



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