Daniels Random Events V1.3.2.1 for ETS2

Daniels Random Events V1.3.2.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Hotfix version released.

Fixes In V1.3.2.1:
Fixed issue with ‘invalid data loaded <- layer_min/max_curve size does not match layer_cutscenes size’ error.
Fixed issue where AI traffic was not going around the new narrow roadworks event.
Added cones to the new narrow roadworks event

This mod adds over 45 new random events (several of which have more than one variation) to appear on the roads in ETS2.

You Can See Them Listed Below:
No Event
1 Accident R1 (Plane)
2 Accident R2 (Burnt out trailer)
3 Accident R3 (Burnt out trailer 2)
4 Accident R4 (Two recovery + two cars)
5 Accident R5 (Tanker fire)
6 Accident M1 (Two Cars)
7 Accident M2 (Three Cars)
8 Accident M3 (Three Cars inc. Punto)
9 Accident M4 (Two Cars Recovery)
10 Accident M5 (Van and Small Fuel Truck)
11 Accident C1 (Burnt out car)
12 Accident C2 (Trailer spilt pipes)
13 Accident C3 (Trailer spilt crates)
14 Accident C4 (HGV Wheel Chnage)
15 Accident G1 (Car on side)
16 Accident G2 (Burnt out car)
17 Accident G3 (Burnt out trailer)
18 Accident Outside Lane
19 Accident Inside Lane
20 Accident + Amb Outside lane
21 Accident + Amb Inside lane
22 Accident Outside Lane (Rare)
23 Accident Inside Lane (Rare)
24 Accident + Amb Outside lane (Rare)
25 Accident + Amb Inside lane (Rare)
26 Recovery Inside Lane
27 Recovery Outside Lane
28 Recovery Inside Lane (NO CONES)
29 Recovery Outside Lane (NO CONES)
30 Recovery Hard Shoulder
31 Recovery Narrow
32 Breakdown Inside Lane
33 Breakdown Outside Lane
34 Breakdown Inside Lane (With Warning Triangle)
35 Breakdown Outside Lane (With warning Triangle)
36 Breakdown Narrow
37 Accident Narrow
38 Accident Narrow + Amb
39 City Accident (Block Lane)
40 City Accident (Block Lane) + Amb
41 City Accident Inner (Block Lane)
42 City Accident Inner (Block Lane) + Amb
43 City Accident Narrow
44 City Accident Narrow + Amb
45 City Roadwork
46 City Roadwork Inner
47 Channels
48 Channels Random
49 City Roadwork Narrow

✔ The ‘city’ events will only spwan in urban areas.
✔ Some of these are tweaked versions of ones originally created by SCS
that i have tweaked to improve them.
✔ Others are completely new ones that i have created myself.
✔ All of my events feature different levels of rarity depending on the event so
some events you will see more often than others.
✔ I have also tweaked the ‘roadwork’ random events on the highways to improve the cone tapers.

Author: danbywinby



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