Easy Economy V1.2 [1.37.X] for ETS2

Easy Economy V1.2 [1.37.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod is modifies economy multipliers in ETS world.
ETS v1.37 compatible.
You can use this mod with Promods 2.46 without any problem.

TRUCKS Truck refund rate is increase. (35% -> 65%)
GARAGE Small garage buy price is decreased. (180k -> 150k)
GARAGE Garage upgrade price is decreased. (100k -> 80k)
GARAGE Fuel discount is increased. (15% -> 20%)
INCOME Revenue multiplier per km is increased slightly. (15 -> 25)
FATIGUE SIMULATION Sleeping time is decreased. (9 Hours -> 7 Hours)
AI DRIVER Driver hire cost is decreased. (1500€ -> 1100€)
AI DRIVER Maintenance and insurance cost multipliers are decreased slightly.
AI DRIVER Revenue coefficient per km is increased. (0.67 -> 1.50)
AI DRIVER Cargo market revenue coefficient per km is increased. (0.70 -> 1.70)
SKILLS Skill distances are increased slightly for each level.
SKILLS Revenue coefficient per km is increased. (0.9 -> 1.8)
SKILLS Cargo market revenue coefficient per km is increased. (1.0 -> 2.1)
REWARDS Reward bonus amount is increased by .2 for each level of all skills. (5% -> 7%)
EXPERIENCE Experience multiplier for cargo delivery is increased. (1.0 -> 1.5)
EXPERIENCE Experience multiplier for free roam is increased. (0.5 -> 0.8)
EXPERIENCE Experience multiplier for road discovery is increased. (0.8 -> 1.0)
EXPERIENCE Experience for hard park is increased. (90 -> 120)
EXPERIENCE Experience for hard park with double trailer is increased. (170 -> 200)
EXPERIENCE Experience point requirement between level 1 and 10 is decreased slightly.
CURRENCY All currency conversation rates are updated as of 2020-06-21



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