Economy & Money Mod [1.36.X] Other for ETS2

Economy & Money Mod [1.36.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod increases the income fourfold, and gives a bonus due to less consumption.
4X Money for all vanilla and *DLC transports.

Lower garage/upgrade costs 50000/40000
70% repay for trucks
cancel Jobs 8000 penality
3€ per 1%damage / XP Factor 2 instead of 4
Overtime delivery easy/normal/urgent 3d/18h/8h
Better simulation travel expenses
driving/sleep time changed drive16h/sleep6h
payment for employees reduced min. 220€
fuel discount in garage 20%
3 instead of 5 trucks for Online order needed
average simspeed increased, now 68km/h (so jobs of employees are little faster done)
more XP for Jobs and parking/ better revenue for cargo market
and some more changes

DLC Support:
*DLC Special Transport
*DLC Italia supported
*DLC Heavy Cargo Pack
*DLC Beyond the baltic sea
*DLC Trailer pack
*DLC Scandinavia
*DLC Vive la France
*ProMods 2.43 supported (Nice Economy & Money Mod needs higher priority to work with it)
should now also work with all other major DLCs



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