NEW Body Trailer Types For SCS Cargoes Other for ETS2

NEW Body Trailer Types For SCS Cargoes for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod sets certain vanilla loads to a more realistic body_trailer types. It only works with Cargo Market
For example, you won’t be hauling anymore Chocolate in a Curtainsider/Dryvan trailer, instead you will always haul it in a Reefer/Insulated. This is a good choice if you don’t want the chocolate gets completely melted (As the game is set in Summer)

List Of Modified Cargoes So Far:
1. Almond (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
2. Apples (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
3. Basil (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
4. Beans (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
5.Carrots (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
6. Chewing Gums (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
7. Chocolate (Insulated/Refrigerated only)
8. Coconut Oil (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
9. Coconut Milk (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
10. Concentrate Juices (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
11. Garlic (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
12. Gummy Bears (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
13. Honey (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
14. Ketchup (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
15. Limonades (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
16. Maple Syrup (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
17. Nuts (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
18. Olive Oil (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
19. Olives (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
20. Onions (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
21. Packaged Food (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
22. Pasta (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
23. Peas (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
24. Pesto (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
25. Pet food (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
26. Potatoes (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
27. Soy Milk (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)
28. Vinegar (Curtainside/Dryvan/Insulated/Refrigerated)



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