Real Control for ETS2

Real Control for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Real Control: Make the “Simulator” a Simulator is a mod that makes the steering wheel and brake feel much closer to a real-life truck, if not the same. It is a “must-have” and essential to all 900-degree wheelset users. You would never imagine how much difference it makes. Now with this mod, you finally get to feel the control of a real truck. Are you ready to feel it?

1. You always feel that the vanilla steering and brake are not realistic no matter how you adjust the slider bars in the option menu. Yes / No
2. You are using a 900-degree steering wheelset. Yes / No
3. Realism in this game is very important to you and you want to feel as close to a real truck as much as possible. Yes / No

If you just answered “Yes” to all of the 3 questions above, you absolutely need this mod and you will enjoy this mod so much that you wish it had been here years ago.

But if you answered “No” to most or all of the 3 questions, you probably don’t need this mod. But it does not mean that you should not try it.

This mod is not a full physics mod. It just changes the steering value and brake value, nothing else. It’s ideal for those of you who are ok with the vanilla physics. Nothing wrong with that, me too.
But if you want this feature with a full physics mod, you should skip this mod and use my Physics 8: For Crying Out Loud v 2.2, because it includes this feature (only in v. 2.2).


For the best result, please strictly follow the photo displayed above (for 900 degree wheels) and set the brake intensity to 50% (mid way).
For keyboards and joypads, I don’t have any suggestion, please try yourself.
Set the steering and brake dead zone to zero (all the way to the left).


1. Compatible with the current patch until SCS changes the physics in the future or the mod manager marks it red. Might be compatible with earlier patches also.
2. Compatible with any vanilla trucks and any truck mods, put this mod higher than truck mods. But it will override any physics that comes with the truck mod.
3. Compatible with my Air Ride mods.
4. NOT compatible with any physics mod, it will override the physics mod.

If you suspect that other mods might contain physics changes, just put this mod higher.



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