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Daf Evo Wing V 1.4 1.35.X

Daf Evo Wing V 1.4 1.35.X for Euro Truck Simulator 2

That version of daf for 1.34,1.35 is verified, in this version I changed the rear lights so that they shone only backwards and not like in the previous version 1.32 lights illuminated and forward, I also added a 9-speed gearbox so that daf could drive more 200 km / h when the engine will go to 1000 hp, changed the beep and made it so that it could change the color you want, like everything to get the mod unpack the archive there are two files of the mod itself and a fix for it, put the fix above mod Changes added spiral cables for the trailers, and made three modes…

Download Daf Evo Wing V 1.4 1.35.X 

Skinable Special Transport 1.35.X

Skinable Special Transport 1.35.X for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Special Transport Skinable for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Only Works With Special Transport DLC Which is required Scania S High Cab Only (4×2/6×2 Only) Escort Vehicle Skin + Special Transport Trailer Skin 8K Resolution Included 50K Light Sign Driver T-Shirt Skin Curtain Black and White Interior Extended Bumper Paintable Bull Bar Interior Back Light Sign Windscreen Sticker

Download Skinable Special Transport 1.35.X 

Ural 6464 For 1.35.X Fixed

Ural 6464 For 1.35.X Fixed for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Buy in DAF dealer and online in Ural (“access mod dealer”) CLEAN GAMELOG! Modified height and 5th wheel (now you can hook and haul standard trailers). Fixed collisions & advanced coupling feature (haven’t conflict with standard trailers). Fixed sounds (not compressed). Updated some pmg & pma files (some were outdated). Modified interior camera FOV (now you can see the left mirror). Fixed 6×2 chassis (no liftable axle). Reworked 3D model shadows (now for each piece). Modified co-driver & driver plates position (external view). Changed brand logo. Added missing quick jobs brand logo. Changed desktop truck icon.

Download Ural 6464 For 1.35.X Fixed