Italian Radio Stations V2.8 Sound for ETS2

Italian Radio Stations V2.8 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Here you can find a list of Italian Radio Stations URL, to use into the game. Every URL was tested by me, i can guarantee it work.
In the MOD, you can find some of the most famous radio stations in Italy, together with other less know.

In this way, i can read you more fast than commenting the MOD.

RTL 102.5 (and its thematic radios: RTL Best, RTL Groove, RTL Lounge)
Radio Zeta L’Italiana
Radio Number One
Radio Jukebox
Radio City Only Great Hits
Eight FM
Radio Manila
Radio Party Groove
Radio Latte e Miele
Radio Nostalgia
Radio Globo
Radio 19
R101 Legend
Radio Sabbia
Radio Studio Delta
Radio Margherita
Radio Margherita Young
RAI Radio 1/2/3/4 Light / 5 Classic / 6 Case / 7 Live
Radio 35 × 80 Back To The 80’s
Milano Lounge Radio
Radio Onda Ligure
Suono Roma size
Soft Sound size
Radio Sanremo
Vintage MegaMix
Solar Circuit Radio
Radio Dance Music
Radio Nuoro Centrale
Radio Yacht
FM Italy
Radio Kiss Kiss
Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli
Radio Lombardia
RAI Isoradio
Radio Studio +
Radio Puglia range
Radio 80
Radio Gelosa
RSI Rete Uno
Antenna 1
70s 80s 90s RIW Vintage Channel
House Nation (House)
Radio Gold Alessandria
Radio Piterpan
Easy Network
Radio Birikina
Radio Vicenza FM
Radio Padova
Radio Clodia
Radio Dance
Alpha Radio Italia
Radio FLY Italia
Radio Bombo
Radio Time 90
RGS Radio Big Hits
Radio Sportiva
Radio Norba
Savona Radio Line
Onda Radio Firenze
Radio Pico
Radio Studio Emme
Radio Dolomiti
WoW radio
Radio Garda FM
Radio NumberOne Dance
Radio Punto Zero
Radio Stereo Range
Radio Ibiza
Radio Reporter 99 Valle d’Aosta
Stereo City Radio
Radio Orizzonte Molise
Radio Diva
Radio Pineapple
Radio Mambo
Radio Hello
Radio Crik Crok
Radio Subasio
Radio PNR 96.4
Radio Parsifal
PRL First Free Radio
Radio Movida
Radio 24
Radio Marilù
Radio Company
RAM Power 102.7
Network 104
Radio Campania


1) Added The Following Radio Stations:
Radio Carrù International
Radio Shake Hit
Radio Sant’Anna
Radio City Only Italian Music
plus the 5 thematic radios of Radio Company (Rock, Fitness, 90, Reggaetown, Global House)

2) Remove The Following Radio Stations From The List:
Skyline Radio & Soul (the previous URL, the new one provided, no longer worked)
RMC Lady
RMC Latin In Love (these 2 have been decommissioned by Radio MonteCarlo 2)
Dimension Jazz (the broadcaster no longer broadcasts)
Radio Mars (the previous and the new URL no longer worked)

3) Restored The Flow Of The Following Radio Stations:
Radio Yacht
Radio Mambo

4) Place the thematic radios of Radio Company close to the main radio, to make them more identifiable.
Same procedure for Radio City Solo Italian Music (placed next to Radio City Solo Great Hits)

P.S. Other radios requested by you, such as Deejay, Capital, M2O and others, I am trying to put them, but the URLs provided do not work. As soon as I find them working, those will also be entered.

The next updates will come out as soon as new stations are available. I invite anyone to report any desired new stations, any reception problems for some radios, and to stay updated on new versions that I will release later.



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