Best 1.38 mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Route Advisor [1.40] Mod

Route Advisor [1.40] Mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Works in ATS & ETS2 v1.40.x ATTENTION! I made this mod for myself and maybe you don’t need it. American Truck Simulator 1.38 – 1.40 Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.38 – 1.40 This mod changes the position of the road advisor in cabine  the trucks ATS and ETS2 and rearview mirrors. Three Versions: –   big…

Download Route Advisor [1.40] Mod 

TOP Corner & Small Mirrors V1.2 [1.38 – 1.40]

TOP Corner & Small Mirrors V1.2 [1.38 – 1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V1.2 Update & added No Frame version Changes V1.1 Compatibility Check for 1.39 version Icon updated This mod moves the virtual mirrors towards the upper corners and the size is smaller. No errors in the game log. Compatibility Works with  1.38.x, 1.39.x, 1.40.x version Requirements I advise placing this mod in higher priority than…

Download TOP Corner & Small Mirrors V1.2 [1.38 – 1.40] 

JRR – Indonesia Map V0.2 [1.38 – 1.40]

JRR – Indonesia Map V0.2 [1.38 – 1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Map of JRR (Java Road Revolution) First Indonesia (real) add-on map, which currently has the biggest city of the country, the Metropolitan city of Jakarta, and its suburban area. Travel every part of highways around the city, visiting many industrial areas, and few rural roads leading to each interesting place. This map is possibly going…

Download JRR – Indonesia Map V0.2 [1.38 – 1.40] 

Brutal Traffic V1.3 [1.40]

Brutal Traffic V1.3 [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V1.3 ✔ Increased Traffic At Night ✔ OtherTweaks And Improvements Compatible With ETS 1.38.x & 1.39.x Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s Traffic Jams Traffic Behaviour Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs Low Ammount of Trucks and Buses Improved Traffic Flow Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings

Download Brutal Traffic V1.3 [1.40] 

Increased Delivery Time (Plus Version) [1.40]

Increased Delivery Time (Plus Version) [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Increased Delivery Time for ETS2 (Plus Version) This is an expanded version with respect to the standard version, it will have more time available to make deliveries, but workers will also take longer to complete their jobs. Do you like to travel on back roads, stop to look at landscapes, moderate speed due to rain…

Download Increased Delivery Time (Plus Version) [1.40] 

Real Train Sounds

Real Train Sounds for Euro Truck Simulator 2

What This Brand New Mod Include: ✔ real locomotive electric and diesel sounds ✔ partial personalized locomotive engine and horn sounds (m62, cc47e) ✔ slightly increased number of train cars for personalized locomotives ✔ separate wheel sounds for cargo/passengers / fast trains including brake sound and noises (thanks to Powerfull for his brake and noises…

Download Real Train Sounds