Bunch Of Trailers V2.0 for ETS2

Bunch Of Trailers V2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Bunch Of Trailers V2.0

Set of 12 ownable trailers of various companies.

Windhorst Netherlands (curtainsider)
Southbar Transport Scotland (freezer)
Norscot Seafoods Ltd Scotland (freezer)
Van Maanen koeltransport Netherlands (freezer)
Graeme J. Wardrop Scotland (freezer)
Noel Brennan Ireland (freezer)
Bedworth Haulage England/Scotland (freezer)
Afghan International Afghanistan (freezer)
Primeline Logistics Ireland (curtainsider)
Port of Felixstowe England (curtainsider)
Framptons England (curtainsider)
De Bruin Int. Transport Netherlands (curtainsider)

For each company there is a box trailer and a curtainsider variant (because SCS templates are just that way), i have not made a paint job for all different type of box trailers as i want to keep the download size not too large, that said, 2 paint jobs
(Southbar Transport and Norscot Seafood) are in super high res (with hindsight i should have done a few more that size).
So with some trailers the image on the back may overlap with SCS decals.

Each trailer has a (b)double, but they are not after real life

The paint jobs are made after real life trailers, but I’ve used the liberty to make “small” changes, for example the Bonnie Scotland figure on the Graeme J. Wardrop trailer is much smaller irl, but it would lose too much detail if it’s that small on the paint job.

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