Reworked Krone Profiliner V1.3.1 + Skins By Sogard3 Trailer for ETS2

Reworked Krone Profiliner V1.3.1 + Skins By Sogard3 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Standalone in dealer (It won’t replace the original ProfiLiner by SCS).
A realistic place for a toolbox on the rear side.
Added empty spare wheel support.
Added a big pallet box on the rear side.
Added different wheel chocks on the rear side.
Added water tanks on the rear side.
Added more bumpers.
Added more taillights.
Added different colors for reflective banners.
Added oversize plates.
Added ADR plates.
Added realistic stickers.
Added fire extinguisher on the front panel and left leg.
Added Mega bodies for Spanish/Portuguese style.
Added Huckepack chassis.
Added ECO TWIN chassis.

Changelog V1.3.1 (06.06.20):
Now all the taillights are working and also the ADR texture is fixed for 1.37

Changelog V1.3:
Added new chassis for Mitnahmestapler bumper.
Added small painted side skirts for ECO-TWIN and the new chassis.
Added ferry hooks for Huckepack chassis.
Added DHOLLANDIA lift bumpers.
Added Mitnahmestapler bumpers made by kazan1234.
Added PALFINGER F3-253 forklift made by kazan1234(Available only when the closed bumpers are selected).
Added stickers for Mitnahmestapler bumpers.
Added new taillights for the new bumpers.
Added more skins.
Updated the accessory lines list paint jobs for the new parts.


SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC).Sogard3.kast (Taillights).ReyhanRamadhan (Skins).Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights).My cousin (Sticker textures).FreD_ (Sticker textures).kazan1234 (RSAB cables).EddieVegas (Sticker textures).

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