MAZ 5440/5340 A8 Starichok Edition [1.36.X] Truck for ETS2

MAZ 5440/5340 A8 Starichok Edition [1.36.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

1. Lengthened the frame;
2. Put another body (refrigerator);
3. Removed the rear right wing (4 × 2 chassis);
4. Put an additional tank from MAN TGA on the left side;
5. Put chippers on the sides;
6. New rear bumper;
7. Canisters in the cabin;
8. First aid kit in the cabin;
9. Toilet paper in the cabin;
10. Removed the curtains in the cabin (on the sides), as they interfere with the review.
11. A new bumper from another MAZ;
12. A bed on a bed;
13. Removed the mudguard from the rear left wing;
14. Removed the spare tire;



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