Models mods for Fallout 76

Best Fallout76 Models Mods

Glowing Keys

Glowing Keys for Fallout 76

Default game location Bethesda: C:Program Files (x86) LaunchergamesFallout76 Steam: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonFallout76 Glowing Keys for collectors. INSTALLATION: Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your “Fallout76Data” folder. Navigate to your “DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76” folder. Copy and paste the following two lines into your “Fallout76Custom.ini” (if it doesn’t exist, create one) Note: If you already…

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Miss Claus’ Dress

Miss Claus’ Dress for Fallout 76

Mrs. Claus’ dress was old-fashioned, so I tailored it for Miss Claus. *Change only female’s dress. INSTALLATION: 1) Extract MissClausDress.ba2 to your Fallout 76 data folder. 2) Add MissClausDress.ba2 to your archive load order list in ‘Fallout76Custom.ini’ file.

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Mining Helmet Replacer

Mining Helmet Replacer for Fallout 76

Changes The Mining Helmet To Look Like Something Else. For now, it’s just the combat helmet. Does not replace the combat helmet. I don’t know enough about the game to understand what helmets need this treatment. Feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Due to the limited tools, I cannot change the the actual combat helmet (needs…

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SE*Y Marine Armor

SE*Y Marine Armor for Fallout 76

A conversion of my Fallout 4 marine armor to Fallout 76. This mod does not come with body textures, so you need to have EVB installed. There is also a version of the mod that replaces the vault76 suit mesh with the marine wetsuit mesh, since it can be hard to find the plan for…

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ALL Floors Retextured

ALL Floors Retextured for Fallout 76

4k retexture for all buildable floors plus some optional new texture variations. This is a UHD retexture pack with ALL floors currently available in the game in C.A.M.P. building mode. Mostly vanilla-style with slight tweaks for some of them. Please, let me know your opinion about the mod or some of its parts, it helps…

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Roving Trader Outfit

Roving Trader Outfit for Fallout 76

Bring a classic piece of Fallout 3 apparel into Fallout 76 for your adventures across Appalachia. The Roving Trader Outfit is my all-time favorite outfit from Fallout 3 / New Vegas. And while the Field Scribe Outfit is clearly meant to be interpreted as its spiritual successor, that’s not good enough for me. I wanted…

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PA Stations Revamped

PA Stations Revamped for Fallout 76

Your old PA station needs a new paintjob? Wait no more, we got 14 different matte and shiny paint options just for you! (And more to come!) This mod is my second take on Power Armor stations retexture. Now with even more color schemes, and 16 times the detail (4k) Feel Free To Leave Your…

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Dark PA Frame And Jetpack

Dark PA Frame And Jetpack for Fallout 76

My Second Take On PA Frame And Jetpack Retexture. Now Even Darker And With More Detail! This is a simple texture of PA Frame and standard Jetpack torso modification. Installation 1. Extract PAFrame_Dark.ba2 and PAJet.ba2 to your Fallout76 Data folder. 2. Add The Following Line To The Top Of The [Archive] Section In Your Fallout76Custom.ini…

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