Best Models mods for Fallout 76

Super Glowing ORE

Super Glowing ORE for Fallout 76

The difference between this mod and similar ones is that now the ore is visible even in bright light. You don’t have to strain your eyes to see it. The mod highlights the ore. Now it is clearly visible even in the daytime. Install: Place the contents of the (rar, 7z) in the data folder…

Download Super Glowing ORE 

Mainframe Cores Glow

Mainframe Cores Glow for Fallout 76

The mod makes the Mainframe Cores bright red. Makes it easier to find. Install: Place the contents of the rar in the data folder of Fallout 76: GameFolder —> Data Now go to Fallout76Custom.ini that is in x:UsersPerfilNameDocumentsMy GamesFallout 76 Open Or Create The File, Once Inside Put This Text: [Archive] sResourceArchive2List = SeventySix –…

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Explosion Water Splash

Explosion Water Splash for Fallout 76

Modifies The Texture Used For The Water Splash Explosion : ► Get 512² instead of 256² for better water quality ► Get a choice between 3 levels of opacity ( all more transparent than vanilla ) This Mod Is Heavily Inspired By The Recently Released “Splash Begone” Mod By DeathWrench. ( …Which, as for now…

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Scorched Cats

Scorched Cats for Fallout 76

This Mod Will: ✔ Replace all 3 colors of cat with a customized scorched texture This mod is dedicated to my cat that sheds way too much. I wish you were bald. Install: In Your Fallout76Custom.ini, Add “ScorchedCat.ba2” And “ScorchedCat-Textures.ba2” On The Line: [Archive] sResourceArchive2List= Eg: sResourceArchive2List=ScorchedCat.ba2,ScorchedCat-Textures.ba2

Download Scorched Cats 

Mansion With A View

Mansion With A View for Fallout 76

This modifies the makeshift mega mansion to remove the boards from the windows, giving you a somewhat of a view Note This is purely a visual change, the original collision is still there, so no running wires out through the windows. Not sure if the tools exist to correct this, this was pretty hit or…

Download Mansion With A View