Halloween Flamer for FALLOUT76

Halloween Flamer for Fallout 76

Flamer skin in Nightmare Before Christmas style.

The pattern of this skin is trying to look similar to the gift box wrapper from the movie and trying to fit the Tim Burton’s art style.

Just a heads up regarding the Flamer with Vaporizer nozzle if you never used Flamer with the attachment.
This nozzle has a known bug Bethesda still hasn’t fixed or working as intended?
Anyways, if you attach the nozzle with long barrel and switch servers it will bug out and the range gets set to zero, but there is work around.
Every time you login or switch servers you simply go to weapon bench and change the barrel to standard and switch back to long barrel.
Yes, it does cost some materials but it is worth it xD Insane damage with exceptional range for this weapon type ;P It is super fun!!!
The effect will stay till you log off or hop servers.

I highly recommend using Fallout 76 Quick Configuration.

For manual installation.
1. extract .ba2 file from the archive and place it in Data folder.
2. Open Fallout76Custom.ini and write down file name of .ba2 file in sResourceArchive2List=

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List=NBCflamer.ba2

Just make sure no spaces in between.

Author: Aperturehead



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