Spooky Scorched Extended for FALLOUT76

Spooky Scorched Extended for Fallout 76

BUGFIX FOR SPOOKY SCORCHED HANDS INCLUDED! Now all of the Scorched are ready to do the monster mash.

Replaces all Scorched outfits with Halloween Costumes.
Includes optional fix for the Spooky Scorched having human skin hands bug

In your Fallout76Custom.ini, add “SpookyScorchedExtended.ba2” on the line:
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List=
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List=SpookyScorchedExtended.ba2

Note: The Following Replacements Have Been Made:
Amusement Park Worker F+M => Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot
Asylum Worker F => Manta Man
Asylum Worker M => Manta Man Sidekick
Baseball Player F => Racecar Driver
Baseball Player M => Daredevil Bodysuit
Bathrobe F => Diver Suit
Bathrobe M => Diver Bodysuit
Cop F => Power Patrol
Cop M => Icebreaker
Greaser Jacket F+M => Samurai
Jeans-only F+M => Crypt Cook
Jumpsuit F+M => Psycho
Leather Coat F => Chinese Stealth Suit
Leather Coat M => Enclave Officer
Military Fatigues F => Mistress of Mystery Sidekick
Military Fatigues M => The Subjugator
Miner F+M => Black Bear
Nuka-World Shirt and Jeans F => Nuka-Girl
Nuka-World Shirt and Jeans M => Alistair
Raider Leathers F => Umpire
Raider Leathers M => Trusty Sidekick
Responders Medic F => Scientist
Responders Medic M => Intel Officer
Shortsleeves and Slacks F => Red Spacesuit
Shortsleeves and Slacks M => Special Forces
Skiing Outfit F => Flyboy
Skiing Outfit M => Military Officer
Slinky Dress F => Skull Lord
Slinky Dress M => The Quack
Steel Worker F+M => The Mechanist

Author: WASTER



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