Best Other mods for Fallout 76

Dirty Loading Screen FIX

Dirty Loading Screen FIX for Fallout 76

Fixes bad “grid” loading screen. Requires manual installation using Archive2. The game has a weird way of rendering a certain loading screen, constantly annoyed by the nasty blotchy texture that shows up. I made this. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to get it to load without editing the startup.ba2 with Archive2. Installation 1….

Download Dirty Loading Screen FIX 

Mini Keybind Changer – GUI

Mini Keybind Changer – GUI for Fallout 76

I made some improvements to Mini Keyboard Changer. Original mod by Ay F Kay 1413. Original mod here created by Ay F Kay 1413 I made some improvements to the original .ahk that I think some people will like. Adds a GUI to customize settings, can also be edited via .ini after the first save….

Download Mini Keybind Changer – GUI 

Blxke’s Modpack

Blxke’s Modpack for Fallout 76

Includes a folder of mods to install using any mod manager of you’re choice I use Fallout 76 Quick Configuration. But you can use what you want. Mod includes: Better Inventory Perk Loadout Manager RatMonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging Lockpick Bar Reveal Mod Tutorial Paper Bags Glow Bobbleheads Glow Recipes and Plans Glow RatMonkeys Glowing…

Download Blxke’s Modpack