Fallout 76 mods

Russian Sorting Tags For Fallout 76

Russian Sorting Tags For Fallout 76 for Fallout 76

Описание Мод сделан на основе мода от Гудвина и с его разрешения. По сути, делает все то же самое, с некоторыми исключениями: еще больше сокращен текст, многие таги изменены для большего удобства сортировки, добавлены признаки редкости рецептам, добавлены правильные ответы на экзамены скаутов, добавлены признаки редкости одежде. Установка Распаковать содержимое архива в папку Data игры….

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Shelters Poster

Shelters Poster for Fallout 76

‘Shelters Claim Center’ Poster Is So Adorable! That’s why I’ve replaced texture. INSTALLATION: 1) Extract SheltersPoster.ba2 to your Fallout 76 data folder. 2) Add SheltersPoster.ba2 to your archive load order list in ‘Fallout76Custom.ini’ file.

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Chemistry Stations Revamp

Chemistry Stations Revamp for Fallout 76

My second take on chem benches retexture. Now includes both options. This Mod Is A Simple Retexture For Chem Crafting Stations. Feel Free To Post Your Comments And Suggestions In The Comments Section! Installation 1. Extract .ba2 file from the archive to your Fallout76 Data folder. 2. Add The Following Line To The Top Of…

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Communal Fire PIT Revamped

Communal Fire PIT Revamped for Fallout 76

I Was Baffled By Atrocious Texture Quality Of This Awesome Camp Addition And Decided To Make A Retexture. Enjoy! This mod is a simple high-resolution retexture of Communal Fire Pit (Atomic shop item). Goddammit Bethesda it’s 2020, not 2005 anymore, this 512*512px crap must stop… Feel Free To Post Your Comments And Suggestions In The…

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Secret Service JET Pack And FX Remover

Secret Service JET Pack And FX Remover for Fallout 76

Secret Service Jet Pack & FX Remover; Keep The Functionality, Lose The Eyesore! I made this mod as the jetpack sometimes ruins my outfit and it’s too useful to get rid of. I’ve Uploaded Three Versions: #1 JetPackRemoverLite.ba2 This version removes the jetpack model but the jet-stream effect still shows and the sound still plays…

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