2020 Dodge Challenger Widebody V3.0 Car for FS2019

2020 Dodge Challenger Widebody V3.0 for Farming Simulator 19

2020 Dodge Challenger Widebody.
Working Auto Shut Off blinker script built in, interior camera+turn around interior camera feature like ATS built in.
More Supercharged-Whiney Stock Exhaust
Color match or black satin option for the hood, roof and trunk
Dual snorkel hood (used on 2019-2020 hellcat irl)
Scatpack hood (used on 2019-2020 Scatpack and 2015-2018 Hellcat irl)
No random collisions
Sadly I didn’t get the sunroof to work but next version I will.
Scatpack 6.4 V8 Hemi option
Hellcat and Hellcat Redeye 6.2 Supercharged V8 Hemi option


James Doherty

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