Combines mods for Farming Simulator 19

The modern combine harvester, or simply combine, is a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops.


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Case IH 230 AFS Static Tank

Case IH 230 AFS Static Tank for Farming Simulator 19

Steady progress wins the harvest. Your workforce includes less-experienced combine operators. Rather than asking those operators to fine ✔ tune settings and operation ✔ potentially leading to unacceptable grain loss or damage ✔ set a consistent, steady pace and maximize your quality of work.

Download Case IH 230 AFS Static Tank 

NEW Holland TC5 Series

NEW Holland TC5 Series for Farming Simulator 19

TC5.70: ✔ price: 140,000 € ✔ engine power: 175 hp ✔ maximum speed: 25 km / h ✔ grain tank capacity: 5200l ✔ fuel tank capacity: 300l TC5.80: ✔ price: 150,000 € ✔ engine power: 227 hp ✔ maximum speed: 30 km / h ✔ grain tank capacity: 6400l ✔ fuel tank capacity: 400l TC5.90: ✔ price: 155,000 € ✔ engine power: 258 hp ✔ maximum speed: 30 km / h ✔ grain tank capacity: 6400l ✔ fuel tank capacity: 400l ✔ models: TC5.70, TC5.80, TC5.90 ✔ added SIMPLE IC ✔ internal camera integrated with the seat ✔ animations for the wiper, steering column, brake pedal, joistik, passenger seat, armrest etc….

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Claas Lexion 8900 Pack

Claas Lexion 8900 Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Originally it was the Claas Lexion Pack 6700, which was converted to Lexion 8900. What’s all this stuff they put in it? grain capacity label config another engine config with extra exhaustParticle in addition working speed adapted to 15 Kmh many small improvements and adjustments

Download Claas Lexion 8900 Pack 

Claas Lexion 780 US

Claas Lexion 780 US for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, I present you my Claas Lexion 780 US version for FS19 . My mod has a new design, new features, configurations, new tires Michelin and many other improvements. Features: *Full Washable *Wearable *Animated Joystick *Opening door *Numbers configurations *Movable rear axle *Grain tank capacity: from 8000 to 25,000 liters (changes with extensions.) *2 types Tires(Trelleborg and Michelin) with new rims *Configuration Terra Trac wheels and Twin wheels *Many moving works parts *Folding Grain Tank *Working lights, turn signals, brake lights *Amortivating seat *Animated hydraulic *Speedometer and tachometer *Dust, tire tracks *Working Particle System *Many other animations…

Download Claas Lexion 780 US 

Fendt 9490 X

Fendt 9490 X for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt 9490 X: Price: 285,000 € Power: 496 hp (365 kW) Capacity: 12,500 l Unloading rate: 120 l/s Type: Hybrid combine Openable doors Configuration: Wheels incl. crawlers Color Fendt PowerFlow 35FT: Price: 51,000 € Working width: 10.7 m Max. working speed: 10 kph Configuration: Color

Download Fendt 9490 X 

NEW Holland TC 59

NEW Holland TC 59 for Farming Simulator 19

FS19 New Holland Tc 59 The mod has an IC panel, i.e. openable flaps and a combine roof. It contains many configurations, including changing the brand of tires, color of rims and stickers on the combine.

Download NEW Holland TC 59