Maisbunkerhacksler Chafer V1.0.1 Combin for FS2019

Maisbunkerhacksler Chafer V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

Warning “Missing Brand” fixed by the cutting units
Mod for farming simulator 19
The Maize bunker chopper is a converted CLAAS Jaguar 800 and there are only 2 of them in the world.
The chopper works WITHOUT mods or alternatively with the Simple_IC Script from Modelleicher -> additional functions

Technical Specifications:
44000L capacity
Scania V8 DC16084A biturbo with 770PS
Weight 12500kg / length 16m / width 4.5m
30 headlights (daytime running lights, low / high beam, work lights)
3 axles (articulated steering)
Price 650000 €
All-wheel drive + articulated steering / dog walking

IC-controlled but also fully functional without an IC
Overload belts can be activated individually via IC
Lights can be activated individually (via IC)
Steering wheel adjustable / door + flaps can be opened (via IC)
multiple color choices
Tape drive available via tire configuration
Additional cutting units with color selection included
additional color choice for interior (extendedMaterials from Modelleicher)
Display for the header utilization installed (TreshingFlowIndicator from Hoffi)
Food and drink installed ^^

Chopper is designed for manual operation
Overload only when stationary
No downhill driver on the field in operation
Compatible with Courseplay, GPS, GuidanceSteering

Known Problems:
Unfortunately, the LS helper currently has problems with the special articulated steering and cannot turn properly.
This is currently being worked on.

Work In Progress:
Seat suspension is installed
MeshGroups are newly created
Safety bars for choppers and cutting units are created
additional IC controls



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