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Best FS19 Forestry Mods

Jenz BA 725 D

Jenz BA 725 D for Farming Simulator 19

Woodcrusher Jenz BA 725 D Price: 64500 € Max Power: 382 kW / 520 HP Max Torque: 2600 NM Fuel Capacity: 600 l / 60l DEF Maximum Fuel Usage: 130 l/h Features: ✔ New shop configurations ✔ New and improved textures ✔ New motor setup with sounds ✔ Improved main drum behavior ✔ Improved motor load management ✔ Added fuel consumption ✔ Fixed trunks pulling ✔ Fixed drum movements in MP ✔ Many more small improvements and fixes

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Logset 5F GT

Logset 5F GT for Farming Simulator 19

Logset 5F GT is a versatile and compact 12- ton forwarder well adapted for thinning and small clear fell operations. The large tires, powerful engine and high ground clearance make this machine right choice for all types of terrain. Specifications: Manufacturer: Logset Max speed: 20 km/h Price: 235000 € Power: 170 HP

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Krpan RD 1600 E

Krpan RD 1600 E for Farming Simulator 19

The KRPAN Front timber blade RD 1600 E, is perfect for loading Tree trunks or for piling. Thanks to its size, even several Tree trunks can be gripped. • For front loaders according to Euro norms • Grille for a better field of vision • Reinforced frame • Profile plate for holding wood • Double hydraulics for better stability and strength Price: 3150$

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Komatsu 931XC By Warbossby

Komatsu 931XC By Warbossby for Farming Simulator 19

Komatsu 931XC features high power, great stability and low ground pressure. Thanks to the eight wheels the operator is provided with comfortable conditions, less damage is caused to the soil, and the cross-country ability is even higher the most difficult terrain is simply excellent. The secret of Komatsu 931XC’s amazing stability this is a kind of double pendulum balancing. The design is based on the decades-old concept of a rigid Central hinge and a swinging axis in combination with the tilt cylinders cabs, which creates an unsurpassed stability.

Download Komatsu 931XC By Warbossby 

John Deere 953M Swing Loader V2.0

John Deere 953M Swing Loader V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

The John Deere 953M Swing Loader is a must have piece of equipment for any logging operation. It is capable of loading any size logs that your operation may be cutting. With its adjustable swing boom maneuvering tree length logs or cut to length timber is a breeze. The 953M has received an entirely new make over with redesigned cab interior, improved grapple size and strength, and an elevated cab option which raises the operator higher above the tracks and gives you the ability to manually tilt the cab as needed. It will also be available in a standard 953 version which is a ridged frame that offers no manual tilt….

Download John Deere 953M Swing Loader V2.0 

Ponsse Wolverine

Ponsse Wolverine for Farming Simulator 19

Here is a first approach, of a mod which seems to be slow to be released on FS19. We TFSGROUP offer you this version which should delight most players. Nevertheless there are still some small details to review on this mod, Which Remains Fully Functional As It Is!

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Forestry Disc Mulcher

Forestry Disc Mulcher for Farming Simulator 19

This forest disc mulcher is the latest development from Lizard. Due to its robust and at the same time small design and his disc with 30-teeth, it is particularly well suited for cutting free and creating paths. Also suitable for cleaning areas. Price: 18900€ Required hydraulic output: 30-44 GPM Own weight: 1100Kg

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