Best Forestry mods for Farming Simulator 19

Valtra T Forest Pack

Valtra T Forest Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Valtra T Series Forest Pack Valtra T Forest: The Valtra T was also equipped with a Forestcage, Wide Tires, Wide Wheelbase and Chains. He has also received a pendulum axle lock. Now it can not only be used in the field but also ideally suited for the forest. Engine versions: 210hp, 250hp, 475PS Front fender…

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Real Wood Harvester

Real Wood Harvester for Farming Simulator 19

This mod expands function of all wood harvester in the game. ✔ Two new keys for manually processing (delimbing) tree forward / backward ✔ New key for changing cut length down ✔ Current length of remaining tree to be cut is displayed in F1 menu ✔ No automatically cut in auto delimb mode (you need…

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Ponsse Ergo 6WD

Ponsse Ergo 6WD for Farming Simulator 19

Ponsse Ergo 6wd V1 Replaced Crane, placed in Crane Pipes, Hoses, Fire Extinguishers, Lights, Ponsse Stickers, Ponsse Bow Cover, Ergoon Changed Sounds, etc. Lots of mistakes when the crane is used by some hoses do not work with the crane In Ergo, the bench does not turn, all the lights do not work, the stairs…

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John Deere 968L-II

John Deere 968L-II for Farming Simulator 19

The John Deere 968L-II is a rear double boogie skidder. With this 6 wheel feature, the 968L-II offers the most torque, power, and payload capabilities in its class. While the feature of a 6 wheel skidder offers great environmentally friendly logging capabilities. Allowing your logging operation to be as productive as possible and leaving a…

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Forest TGX MAN

Forest TGX MAN for Farming Simulator 19

The MAN Tgx as semi-trailer tractor unit with crane For the forestry sector. tyre selection, rim colour selection, crane colour selection and cab colour selection the basic weight has been increased to be able to stand better when loading.

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