Best Farming Simulator 19 Forestry mods

NMC LOG Trailer Pack

NMC LOG Trailer Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The ETT90 is a Nordic test program to increase haul weight for long timber transports. To increase loading weight the crane is removed on the truck and the bunks cant be moved. The timber trailer features hydraulic moving bunks that move so you can reach them with the timber trucks crane without a problem. Just

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Kesla 104

Kesla 104 for Farming Simulator 19

Kesla 104 trailer combined with 204T crane and proG20 grapple is suitable for small scale forestry operations. Stabilizers can be moved separately to maximize the support even in difficult terrain. Price: 27500 €

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Ponsse Elephant King HKL

Ponsse Elephant King HKL for Farming Simulator 19

PONSSE Elephant King is the sturdiest machine in our forwarder range. When forest machines are designed and manufactured in Finland, it is guaranteed that requirements set by different conditions have been taken into account, whether it is 50 degrees above or below zero. The durable basic structure is reliable and holds no surprises, also in

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MKS8 Langholz V1.3

MKS8 Langholz V1.3 for Farming Simulator 19

Hello folks from ls19. I worked over the follow-up again. Version 1.3.0 Visibility adjusted. coli on the dolly made smaller that you can pack better with the pliers between the dolly and the stanchion, added optical points where you can pack with the pliers to load. Additional headlights installed on the rear to have better

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SET Forest Tools V1.1

SET Forest Tools V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

This is the circular saw and the chopper converted from the 17 to the 19 and adapted. The circular saw and the chopper have the new material system. Version 1.1 Now the chopper is there again, so please sell the saw on the game stand and then take the forestry set in and then you

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Logsplitter Suire 18T

Logsplitter Suire 18T for Farming Simulator 19

You can use this logsplitter to split trees up to 1 meter length. The logsplitter is operated from the outside, the tractor has to run. For that reason you have to deactiave the automatic engine start in the options, so the tractor stays on when you leave it. Operating this logsplitter is really easy. Just

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Langholz LKW

Langholz LKW for Farming Simulator 19

Hello people and friends from the ls19 forest I have the past days / weeks because MAN Tgs converted from two axles to a three axles and built a stanchion and the Z crane on it. so that is suitable for the followers. I have modified the crane, tire selection, rag bracket with additional headlights

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