Best Front loaders mods for Farming Simulator 19

Agricultural Convoy Pallet

Agricultural Convoy Pallet for Farming Simulator 19

Here is a pallet that you can attach to a 3-point hitch, you have the possibility of removing the agricultural convoy panel like a tarpaulin with the n key. You can also strap the pallet onto a trailer to secure your transport. ✔ Price: 150 $ ✔ Configuration Choice of colors (50 $) Old or…

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JCB Telehandler Attachments V1.0.0.1

JCB Telehandler Attachments V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

JCB Telehandler Agriculture Attachment Pack Items: ✔ Grain Bucket 3000: Capacity: 3000 l Fill Type: Bulk Price: £2500 ✔ Grain Bucket 5000: Capacity: 5000 l Fill Type: Bulk Price: £2750 ✔ Bale Spike: Type: All Bales Configurations: 4 tine positions Price: £1200 ✔ Manure Fork: Capacity: 2000 l Fill Type: Muck, Forage and Bales Price:…

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Robert Beet Choppers Pack

Robert Beet Choppers Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Robert Beet Choppers Pack A unique and efficient system for chopping, distributing and cleaning all types of beets and other feed. Beet has long been excluded from cattle feed on the grounds of the cost of distribution. Cleaning and de-stoning processes were not mechanized, and required substantial manpower. In reality, the HB model produced by…

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NMC Road Scraper

NMC Road Scraper for Farming Simulator 19

NMC Road Scraper is a handy tool for your forwarder. Use the forwarder grapple to drag the NMC Road Scraper behind to clear/clean the road. In shop you can either buy the plow + cultivator version or the roller version. For the Plow + Cultivator version you can enter the Road Scraper to enable “Allow…

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