Best Farming Simulator 19 Front loaders mods

Extended Palletfork

Extended Palletfork for Farming Simulator 19

Since there is nowhere a long pallet fork for the LS19, I built one myself and would now just like to share it if anyone else is interested. It is based on the Stoll pallet fork from the basic game and also recognizes what is on it. The pallet fork is almost three times the

Download Extended Palletfork 

MX Manubal V7000

MX Manubal V7000 for Farming Simulator 19

The Manubal V7000 from MX is the perfect bale fork for moving larger amounts of bales. Due to its size, it can transport up to 4 square bales or 3 round bales at the same time. Due to the transport mode, it can also be safely carried on road trips.

Download MX Manubal V7000