Best Front loaders mods for Farming Simulator 19

Mp-Lift Shovel Pack

Mp-Lift Shovel Pack for Farming Simulator 19

MP-Lift gravel, universal and snow shovels in various sizes to fulfill your needs. They are perfect for small to medium tractors. You can lift Big Bags with lifting loop on top of them. SK = Sorakauha = gravel shovel YK = Yleiskauha = universal shovel LK = Lumikauha = snow shovel Price: 460-1200 € Working…

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Magsi 3000L

Magsi 3000L for Farming Simulator 19

Hi there! This is a small revised 3000 liter shovel for every wheel loader from Farming Simulator 2019. Characteristics: ✔ Price: 3400 € ✔ Volume: 3000 liters What was done ✔ buyable reflectors ✔ Buyable fire extinguisher

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Goweil Bale Pack

Goweil Bale Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Göweil BTGME The round bale transport fork is suitable for the gentle transport of wrapped round bales with a diameter of 1 m to 1.8 m. The opening area can be mechanically adjusted in 50 mm steps using a quick-release fastener. The transport arms of the round bale fork can be raised for road transport….

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Mountable Attacher

Mountable Attacher for Farming Simulator 19

With this mod you can mount universal attacher to all vehicles / implements. So you can attach e.g trailer to vehicle with no attacher. ✔ Attacher type trailer, trailerLow and Implement ✔ You can attach multiple trailers / implements together (useful for quick transport) ✔ You can move attacher so it fits to any vehicle…

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