Best Headers mods for Farming Simulator 19

Pack John Deere 700FD V1.5

Pack John Deere 700FD V1.5 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ John Deere 700FD cutter package containing models 730FD, 735FD and 740FD with air bar option, this one with varied color options ✔ Price 730FD: 59000 € ✔ Price 735FD: 69000 € ✔ Price 740FD: 79000 € ✔ Working width 730FD: 9.2 meters ✔ Working width 735FD: 10.6 meters ✔ Working width 740FD: 12.2 meters…

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Mastra Maize Headers

Mastra Maize Headers for Farming Simulator 19

The MASTRAS Platform Pack is ideal for all farms as they have different sizes for harvesting corn and sunflowerm Models: 9 Arrows, 11 Arrows, 13 Arrows, 15 Arrows, 17 Arrows, 19 Arrows Spacing: Real line spacing 45cm Price: 15000€ – 55000€ Dimensions: 3.8M, 4.6M, 5.7M, 6.5M, 7.3M, 8.6M. Combinations: Z056, TX 32, T560, RSM 161,…

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