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Best FS19 Implements and Tools Mods

John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank

John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank for Farming Simulator 19

John Deere 2510h Implements used to apply liquid nutrients to crops before and after harvest using fertilizers and limestone –Price John Deere 2510H: € 110,436 –Capacity: 5500L Fertilizer limestone –Price TANK 2510H: 12000 € –Tank Capacity: 7570L –workingWidth: 11.5 –needed Power: 160 hp

Download John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank 

Canagro 926 Vt-Hk

Canagro 926 Vt-Hk for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 12.000 Maximum speed: 5 km/h in self-drive mode Working length: 6-9 meters Special Features: ✔ Trailable or self-propelled ✔ adjustable transfer tube ✔ pick up material from the ground ✔ Choice of colours With the CanAGRO 926 VT-HK Overloading Auger you have a perfect assistant for everyday work. The flexible application possibilities make this mobile auger conveyor almost an all-rounder. This auger conveyor is easy to transport behind a trailer, but can also be driven completely independently thanks to the built-in battery module.

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NEW Holland 258 Rake/Tedder

NEW Holland 258 Rake/Tedder for Farming Simulator 19

New Holland 258 Rake/Tedder converted from fs17 fs19 udim textures There are 2 versions one is normal rake the other is a tedder and rake combo. The idea is you have grass windrow dries on top so you turn it over to dry bottom. To run you need to turn on with b and lower with v but it doesnt actually lower. It will work raised but there is no speed limit thats why i added the lower option. appreciate it if you keep original link

Download NEW Holland 258 Rake/Tedder 

Krone Swadro TC930

Krone Swadro TC930 for Farming Simulator 19

Trailed twin-rotor centre-delivery rake. Features: ✔ Working width: 8.1-9.3m ✔ Needed Power: 70hp ✔ Body color configurations ✔ Wheels Configurations ✔ Rim color configurations ✔ Optional beacon ✔ Mouse controlled variable width from 8.1 to 9.3m ✔ Selectable rotors (3 work modes) Controls: Both Rotors – Left Shift + I Left Rotor – Left Shift + U Right Rotor – Left Shift + O ✔ Full animated Price: 33000 €

Download Krone Swadro TC930 

Implemento Comboio

Implemento Comboio for Farming Simulator 19

With a convoy truck, you can refuel your vehicles in the field, as well as repair them without having to take them out of service. To refuel a vehicle, approach the left side of the train, press R to start the fuel pump and approach the vehicle. To set up / repair a vehicle, approach the right side of the train, press R to activate the workshop and approach your vehicle. Then press M and do whatever is necessary. Special thanks to Vinicius Hrala of FCS for granting the rear shock with and the shiny ribbon for the mod.

Download Implemento Comboio