Bajeczna Map for FS2019

Bajeczna Map for Farming Simulator 2019

I present to you a map of my authorship called Bajeczna.
On the map you will find 3 farms.
The first small poor farm where you can equip them with any farm.
The second more extensive farm with a pig farm (start farm).
The third farm is the most modern, which already has a farm for cows and chickens.
All pens and silos are placeable.
Prices of areas on the map have been reduced and some products such as milk, eggs, straw, hay and wool have been raised to improve the game’s balance.
The Map Contains:
> 3 farms
> Store buying / selling machines
> Animal buying / selling point
> Biogas plant
> 2 cereal purchases
> 2 beet / potato purchase
> Petrol station
> Lime buying point
> Purchases of eggs
> Dairy
> Purchase of wool / cotton
> Bale purchase point
> Purchase of sawdust
> Sawmill
> 94 fields
> 110 areas including meadows and forests
> Traffic
> Gates opened for the mouse
> Automatic lighting after dark.

FS19 | NEW MAP "Bajeczna" - review



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