Rogowo Map V4.0 for FS2019

Rogowo Map V4.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

in 2019 I decided not to make maps for FS because of the lack of time.
During this year’s Christmas break, while cleaning the computer, I came across a started map (80%) and decided to finish it and spend it.
It is not super sleek but you can play it :). This is another from the Rogowo series, but the first to FS19.

On The map You Will Find:
One farm with buildings and a large garden (for breeding buildings) purchased + 3 fields + full silos + machines for start
(I didn’t do more farms because in fs19 everyone can do what they want and where they want :))
reset of machines on the village pitch
28 fields
8 meadows
2 forests (small and large)
one village + town
traffic and walking

FS19 | ROGOWO MAP v4.0 - review



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