Sandy BAY 19 Map for FS2019

Sandy BAY 19 for Farming Simulator 2019

Welcome to Sandy bay 19. This map is set in Devon uk and is fictional.

New animals calf husbandry. full credits to “andy farmer” the creator of Hof Bergmann map. Thank you
Full seasons support with many extra featurs (flooded roads and fields in winter also pot holes appearing and being fixed on roads in different seasons)
2 new fruits (ALFALFA and RYE)
New grass textures (cut grass texture/ distance etc)
Speed cameras around the map and police cars that will fine you for driving over the limit.
Custom ground textures
Custom Wheat/barley textures (auther forgotten fruits)
46 fields from small to medium and large over 8 sell points Bga,sawmill and other places
Dof (graphics) has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness. (seasons)
Totally new lighting Engine (More dramtic dawn and dusk lighting. better clouds and more vibrant colours)
lots of animated objects to bring the map to life (boats planes etc)
AI tractors in fields outside map border
Totall traffic upgrade with better object detecting, faster etc. Scooters,bus,tractors,milktrucks,police/policeemergency.
5 farms (3 cows and 2 sheep pastures) chickens,horse,pigs.
Custom Snow missions
40 fields with missions on

FS19 | NEW MAP "Sandy Bay 19" by Oxygendavid - review



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