SPK Udmurtia Map for FS2019

SPK Udmurtia for Farming Simulator 19

Description of the SPK Udmurtia map for Fermer Simulator 19, 4×4 in size.
1. On the map there are 30 fields, fields of medium size, the largest field is 37 hectares.
2. Standard crops (cotton and reed present).
3. Animals are installed on the map (chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, horses), but the plots must be bought, the icons on the PDA will turn on when you buy the plot.
4. There are many points of sale, but only four points where you can sell all agricultural products from the fields (Elevators, River Port, Farmer LLC)
5. On the map there is a train (two branches) on which you can transport and sell products, or carry them all to one central base.
6. There is car and pedestrian traffic.
7. The farmer’s house (where you start playing) has a sleep trigger.
8. Storage capacities: Central base (grain and root crops, chopping, lime) 10 000 000 liters, Transfer stations (grain and root crops, chopping, lime) 1 000 000 liters,
Starting storage (grain) 500,000 liters.
9. The gates are all animated, the gates in production (production do not work yet, just stand like objects), open and close in time from 9-00 to 23-00 hours.
10. There are points of purchase of goods: Farmer LLC (animal feed, animals, manure), Elevators (grain), Port (seeds, fertilizers, lime), AGROPARK (various agricultural products, seeds and fertilizers).
11. Three BGAs on the map (small Vavozh village, large two points of sale, silos, fermenters, a separate purchase plot under the fermenters)
12. There are signs where to unload, where to load, what is sold written on banners at the entrance (yellow trigger markers unloading, red markers loading)

FS19 SPK Udmurtia 4x Map Fly Thru


Alexey Kirshin
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