Svapa Agro Map V for FS2019

Svapa Agro Map V for Farming Simulator 19

A modified version of the “Swap Agpo” map.

– Spanish Translation
✔ Added introduction ban for the map
✔ Modified import on the radar
✔ Modified price per ha for fields

Swapa Agro Map – high-quality detailed map in Russia style added for farmers players in the game.

Features Mod Swapa Agro Map:
✔ 35 Fields from 1.61 ha. up to 41.46 ha. with the ability to fulfill the mission of the NPC;
✔ All standard crops as well as ✔ Flax, Rye, Hops, Lavender, Onions, Carrots;
✔ The necessary equipment for cleaning extra. crops come with the map;
✔ All the necessary equipment for the transportation of added products also comes with the card;
✔ The store has its own categories for an easier search for the necessary machinery and equipment;
✔ The card is adapted for the “Seasons” mod ✔ we recommend that it dramatically changes the gameplay;
✔ Livestock complexes and poultry farm cleaned. There are many sites where you can organize a farm as you wish;
✔ Storage of bulk products with a capacity of 10 million liters and storage for hay, straw, grass, etc. for 10 million liters;
✔ Storage of seeds, fertilizers, and lime;
✔ The map contains oil production and a refinery;
✔ The central bridges need to be built, having previously bought a site for them;
✔ In all industries, there is an opportunity to buy the necessary products. Cost is 10 times more expensive than the highest selling price at the time of purchase;
✔ Also in the store, there is a category with products on pallets that can be bought and brought to enterprises for a quick start;

Changes: Ulyukaevv/ Skymixes

Change 0.6.1:

– Spanish Translation

✔ Added introduction banner for map

Modified import on the radar

Modified price per ha for fields

Change 0.6:

– Fixed minor bugs (found by me);
– Fixed storage for field grass;
– Map ready for DLC “Precision Farming” (precision farming).

Change 0.5:

– Fixed minor bugs (found by me);
– The card is ready for the “MaizePlus” mod.

Change 0.4:

– Fixed animation of additional crops: Millet, Poppy, Spelled and Triticale;
– Added new crops: alfalfa, clover and their derivatives;
– Added “Svapa Agro” technique for working with alfalfa and clover (mowing machine and baler);
– Millet, poppy, spelled and triticale can be processed into refined grain in the Separator;
– Adaptation to the fashion of the seasons.

Change 0.3:

– Auto start of construction is enabled by default;
– Added new crops: millet, poppy, spelled and triticale (so far only for sale);
– Fixed missing collisions;
– Removed flying objects.

Change 0.2:

– The work of speed radars has been restored, for exceeding a fine;
– Added a starting field in the “New Farmer” mode;
– Added dirt in the pigsty.

Change 0.1:
– Starting equipment is available only in the “New Farmer” mode;
– Added pens for animals: cowshed, pigsty, sheepfold;
– All production facilities work including the hotel;
– Added 2 water towers;
– SvapoAgro equipment included.

Changes: Ulyukaevv/ Skymixes

Authors: Original authorSvapa Agro.
Changes and Spanish TranslationSkymixes


Original authorSvapa Agro.
Changes and Spanish TranslationSkymixes

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