Best Mowers mods for Farming Simulator 19


RZ 3M for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 4000 € working speed: 12 kmh Required power: 40 hp Working width: 3 m Configurations: color Category Mowers

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Spearhead Stubble Master 730

Spearhead Stubble Master 730 for Farming Simulator 19

Spearhead Stubble Master 730 batwing mower. The work function can be switched between mowing or mulching or cultivating. The “Stubble Cultivator” mod is recommended for this. The “Real Mower” mod is suitable for removing bushes. There is several design configuration Several trailer attacher types can be chosen, making it possible to attach extra equipment to…

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Kongskilde GXT 13005

Kongskilde GXT 13005 for Farming Simulator 19

Kongskilde GXT 13005 Triple. Back Trailed Mower. Key Facts: ✔ Working Width: 12,3m ✔ Dynamic Cloth and Real Springs ✔ Custom Sounds ✔ Price: 94000€ ✔ Recommended Power: 250PS Required Mods: ✔ Kongskilde GXF 3205 (By: no.naim)

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Pottinger Novacat 306 F

Pottinger Novacat 306 F for Farming Simulator 19

The Pöttinger NOVACAT 306 F is a front mower that is well suited for small to medium-sized farms. With a working width of 3,04 m, it is perfect for farms that work in the mountains. ✔ Price: 8000 € ✔ Max. working speed: 22 kph ✔ Required power: 60 hp ✔ Weight: 628 kg ✔…

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Robert F2800

Robert F2800 for Farming Simulator 19

Robert F2800 The grass is “chopped” and therefore does not make a swath. Features: ✔ Working width: 2.80M ✔ Price: 7200€ ✔ Working speed: 14 KM/H ✔ Required power: 75 hp ✔ The heavy-duty steel profile frame ✔ Transmission by the gearbox to each rotor ✔ Pivoting knives fixed in a bracket and provided with…

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Claas Cougar 1400

Claas Cougar 1400 for Farming Simulator 19

Large area mower from 2006. Impresses with its area performance and maneuverability. Note: the mod is purely functional. There is no AO, no reasonable dirt / wear and otherwise little is to be expected in terms of texture. It is only about making the mod available for those who value the functions. Functions: Ground adjustment…

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Energreen Pack

Energreen Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Energreen ILF S1500 Price: 185.000€ Power: 155hp Energreen NewSpeed Price: 14.500€ Needed Power: 100hp Working Width: 1.5mt Energreen ForestryHead Price: 17.500€ Needed Power: 70hp Working Width: 1.2mt Configurations ILF S1500: ✔ Colours Configurations ✔ Front Lift & Trailer Hook ✔ Tire Configurations Animation: ✔ Indoor & Outdoor sound ✔ Arm fully animated ✔ Cab Rotation…

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