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GWN Farm Supply

GWN Farm Supply for Farming Simulator 19

Great White North Farm Supply Pack Please Note The “Bulk Size” Pallet Base Is Visual Only, Lift From The Bottom Pallet Only! Seed, Lime, Solid Fertilizer, Manure, Chicken, Cow, Horse, Pig and sheep feed pallets available All pallets have the option to be purchased in standard or bulk sizes All pallets have the option for clear or labeled black plastic wrapping for storing pallets outdoors Wrapping has working animation for both pallet sizes Top pallet and collision have working animation so you can re-stack pallets as there used up All Animal Feed and Manure Pallets have automatic discharge to easily refill animal feed troughs and greenhouses Can also be purchased in…

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Lizard Re-Useable Pallets

Lizard Re-Useable Pallets for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard wiederverwendbar Paletten New Lizard Clear Pallets with option for all pallets to switch between white, clear and tinted plastic All Pallets are re-useable and will remain once emptied, sell in the store to remove from your farm Purchase all pallets for $200, empty pallets can be picked up and moved around Standard 2200L and Bulk 4500L sizes for bulk dry goods and liquid pallets Liquid pallets for certain fill types come with 50L so you can see the color, All Liquids is white I know the colors aren’t realistic at all but it’s easier to tell the difference between fill types Re-Fill pallets using a pallet fork, bulk dry good…

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B&K Shed

B&K Shed for Farming Simulator 19

A small tractor shed with lights B&K Mods, I made it through Giants Editor, Credit goes to MissyB Modding, for helping me, doing the XML. files.

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