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Nowy Sezon + Cienie (Season Shader)

Nowy Sezon + Cienie (Season Shader) for Farming Simulator 19

adds better lighting and shadows to the game. This is an improvement of the earlier version, this time the colors are brighter and match every season. Installation: 1 Download the mod 2 Add to mods folder IMPORTANT! The map must be compatible with modem season. The Mod Does NOT Affect The Drops; If Someone Would Like To Adjust The Colors Himself, I Recommend Watching The Nisma Guide: I wish you a nice game

Download Nowy Sezon + Cienie (Season Shader) 

Dynamic Waypoint

Dynamic Waypoint for Farming Simulator 19

If you are tired of losing your way when travelling to a field, an unmarked location or just dream of quickly teleporting your player to one of these locations, then keep reading. With seamless integration into the in-game map (ESC Menu), the user will be free to place a temporary waypoint at a location of their choosing.

Download Dynamic Waypoint 

Autodrive Kurse FUR Hopfach Map V1.1

Autodrive Kurse FUR Hopfach Map V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Hopfach road network via Autodrive I got down to it and created a road network with all courtyards, sales outlets and productions using Autodrive. The course was entered with a JCB 8330 with front weight. Therefore, please check in advance where the trip should go and be clear beforehand whether the tour really is the big Xerion or it would be better to take a small or medium-sized tractor. If there is a blockage, maybe lend a hand yourself and change course a little. I left the fields out because I decided that everyone should decide for themselves how to approach the fields. I hope you enjoy the Autodrive course.

Download Autodrive Kurse FUR Hopfach Map V1.1 

Citerne Beiser

Citerne Beiser for Farming Simulator 19

This modpack contains 2 tank trailers and a trailer with IBC tank Single Axle: Tires: Nokian, Trelleborg and Michelin Configuration: 5000 l, 6500 l and 7500 l Accessories: ladder, fender and pump Allows the transport of water, herbicide and liquid fertilizer Price: 8100 Tandem: Tires: Trelleborg and Michelin Configuration: 15000 L and 20500 L. Allows the transport of water, herbicide and liquid fertilizer Price: 25000 Chassis With 2000 L IBC Tank: Tires: Lizard, Nokian and Michelin Allows the transport of herbicides and liquid fertilizers Price: 1600 Manure System ready.

Download Citerne Beiser 

Improved Performance V1.0.1.0

Improved Performance V1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 19

If You Stuck With Small Field Yield, Then This Mod Is For You! Mod name I guess is self descriptive, so all this mod is doing – is incease field yield plus few more nice features like reduce seeds and fertilizer usage. Usage: Install as usual mod. Predefined Settings: wheat – 10x increase barley – 8x increase oat – 6x increase cotton – 2x increase canola – 6x increase sunflower – 4x increase soybean – 10x increase maize – 6x increase potato – 2x increase sugarbeet – 2x increase oilseedradish – 2x increas poplar – 2x increase sugarcane – 2x increase grass – 6x increase drygrass – 6x increase Seeds usage…

Download Improved Performance V1.0.1.0 

Sandybay Autodrive Courses

Sandybay Autodrive Courses for Farming Simulator 19

Complete Autodrive roads network for map Sandy Bay 19. all roads all field all stores plus a couple of tourist location. I have left disconnected a couple of roads to avoid the autopilot chose to go thru. ( very narrow roads ) if you like you have only to connect the waypoint, the road is already marked. the connection is marked as a waypoint as MissConnection xxx, you can find it in the list. to use this mod you need to create a savegame of the map and go to replace the autopilot file in the savegame folder with the new file as usual.

Download Sandybay Autodrive Courses 

NO Automatic Refuel

NO Automatic Refuel for Farming Simulator 19

All motorized vehicles in FS19 get automatically refueled each time you start the game if they have less than 10% fuel in the tank. This means, you exit and reload your savegame with less than 10% fuel in the tank you get filled up back to those 10%. So if you don’t play a long time in one sitting but save and reload more often its basically impossible to run out of fuel. This isn’t just unrealistic, this automatic refueling also costs twice as much as regular refueling. I’ve been annoyed by this feature from the time I first got told it exists. So Here Is The “fix” For This “problem”….

Download NO Automatic Refuel 

Roundbale Fill Volume

Roundbale Fill Volume for Farming Simulator 19

Everyone knows the problem, e.g. if you change the volume in the round baler, you will get bales with more (e.g. 8000) filling volume. If these are now stored in a bale storage, they are stored with 8000 litres. When removing them, however, they are issued as “buyableBales” by Giants with standard litres (4000). In this way, 4000 litres are lost per round bale. litre in your baler, change the RoundbaleFill volume.lua in line 6 also the number of litres as in the baler. Now your bales will be delivered in YOUR desired size from the bale storage.

Download Roundbale Fill Volume