Other mods for Farming Simulator 19


LP-15-25-P for Farming Simulator 19

The Perma’s Agricultural LP-15-25-P allows the transfer of liquid agents from one source to another. With the ability to pump liquids at 150 Liters per second, you’ll be working the fields in no time. The latest version of Wopster’s Manure System is required. Price: 3,500 Required Mods: Manure System (By: Wopster)

Download LP-15-25-P 

Automatic Unloading For Bale Wrappers V1.0.0.1

Automatic Unloading For Bale Wrappers V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

I have a script for you that makes it possible to unload the winder automatically. With the Kuhn baler and wrapper combination, the wrapper can now also be switched off so that grass bales can also be pressed without them being wrapped immediately. With the winder you can choose between different laying modes. With a single winder, automatic and manual work. I think that’s self explanatory .. With the press wrap combination you also have the collect mode. Two bales are then deposited one after the other. The first remains on the bale wrapper until the second is done. Then, if the bales don’t roll away, you always have two next…

Download Automatic Unloading For Bale Wrappers V1.0.0.1 


Strawme for Farming Simulator 19

StrawMe: Adds the following straw types to the game as windrows and allows them to be baled in square or round bales. Allows The New Straw Types To Be Sold Or Used In Animal Husbandries: Corn Stalks Soybean Straw Canola Straw INFO: Using this mod together with mods such as Seasons, Straw Harvest, MaizePlus, etc will render those savegame unusable since too many fruits are registered please avoid this.

Download Strawme 

Refresh Contracts

Refresh Contracts for Farming Simulator 19

This mod enable to refresh the list of contracts proposed if you’re not satisfied with current list by clicking on a button in the contracts panel. This prevents the need to reload a savegame several times to do so.

Download Refresh Contracts 

Autodrive Courses South Harz Map

Autodrive Courses South Harz Map for Farming Simulator 19

I Finally Got Autodrive Courses For The Südharz Map For You! All fields, points of sale, yards, productions, etc. are recorded. Hints: I have a “!” made behind the places where you cannot simply fill something with the helper alone, etc., that is e.g. This is the case with productions, because you fill them with a wide variety of devices and pick up pallets with fork and so on. But I did everything that can be done with a helper. As I said on the few places with “!” behind the name, you have to do something yourself when the vehicle has arrived there. I always set the points of view…

Download Autodrive Courses South Harz Map 

Autodrive USA Legend V2.0

Autodrive USA Legend V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

This is the autodrive for USA Legend V2.0 First you need to unpack this file. 1-You need autodrive up to date ( RC3) (I include in zip) 2-Start the game with autodrive in your mods folder, save it and exit 3-you need to replace the file in /documents/My games/FarmingSimulator2019 and replace AutoDrive_USA_Legend_config.xml 4-I include FS19_Pivot_Lindsay_Zimmatic_124m_Placeable.zip and put it in your mods folder (I modify to 256m so it will make all round field) 5-I place a target in field 8 (Field8-Center) so this is the reference you can place the pivot. 6-All network are done and all SellPoint, BuyPoint 7-All field are done (I try to lets enought place to have…

Download Autodrive USA Legend V2.0 

Fendt Vario 900 TMS Sound Update

Fendt Vario 900 TMS Sound Update for Farming Simulator 19

this is my first sound update / first mod that I did so please don’t expect too much. The sound for acceleration has a bug and it runs in a continuous loop even at full throttle and at a constant speed. But at full throttle it is so quiet that you can hardly hear it. If someone has a solution please report. Manual: You Unzip The Zip And Copy The Whole Content. You Choose A Vehicle Mod And Unzip It (best In A New Folder). Then You Insert Sounds In The Sounds Folder Of The Mod. Then You Look For The Xml Of The Mod. In The 900 TMS Fendt It…

Download Fendt Vario 900 TMS Sound Update 

Automatic Self Marketing

Automatic Self Marketing for Farming Simulator 19

All GC Micro Management products can be sold here Therefore It Is Necessary That All These Mods Are Also In The Mod Folder! Required Mods: Global Company Manure system HoT Project Green Global Company productions Global Company Tree Fruits Global Company Honey HoT trout farm

Download Automatic Self Marketing