Best Farming Simulator 19 Other mods

Ponsse Bison Shuttle

Ponsse Bison Shuttle for Farming Simulator 19

The new Bison ActiveFrame from PONSSE is an innovative forwarder. In contrast to all other forwarders, the bison is equipped with a CVT transmission. This makes it possible to drive from 0-20 km / h without changing gears. The sensors installed in the ActiveFrame register sideways movements of the cabin and actively compensate them by

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Multifruit Harvester Pack V1.0.1

Multifruit Harvester Pack V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Here I offer you my converted multifruit harvesters for download, after it has been successfully in use with me and with us on the server since March ’20 and I have been asked several times. The pack includes the “Grimme Varitron 470” and the “Holmer TerraDos 40” including the associated attachment “Holmer HR12”. What Is

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Object Info V1.0.0.1

Object Info V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

I Finally Have The Object Info For You! This mod shows you information about the vehicle or object in front of the player. The displayed values should be self-explanatory. You Can Also Cut Bales With The Mod If You Are The Owner Of The Bale And Of The Country Where The Bale Is Located. This

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Maizeplus Forage Extension

Maizeplus Forage Extension for Farming Simulator 19

ForageExtension for MaizePlus. This Extension for MaizePlus reworks the feeding system in FS completely. First the differentiating between the different silages from MaizePlus makes sense now, but the feeding in general is reworked to make it more interesting and also more realistic. We also add new feeding-related food-fruits Alfalfa (with Hay and Silage) and Clover

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Kock-Sohn KN

Kock-Sohn KN for Farming Simulator 19

The dual wheel connectors from Kock-Sohn are allowing the smooth adding of dual wheels in every position. Spacer ring sizes from 20cm up to 40cm, free combination of these for every Workspace. KN 200: For tractors with up to 200 hp. KN 400: For tractors with up to 400 hp. !Only For PC Mods!

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