Packs mods for Farming Simulator 19

GlobalCompany – Productions

GlobalCompany – Productions for Farming Simulator 19

Main mode for productions This Modpack Contains Four Buildings: Production hall with warehouse Description: In the front area productions can be installed, in the rear area there is a storage area. Price: 45.000 € Maintenance costs: 100 € / day Middle bearing Description: The warehouse has high shelves on the side walls. The middle is free. Price: 30.000 € Maintenance costs: 100 € / day Large warehouse Description: High shelves are mounted on the walls and in the middle of the hall. Price: 35.000 € Maintenance costs: 100 € / day Production and storage hall Description: Empty hall, which can be used as desired. Price: 28.000 € Maintenance costs: 100 €…

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Kraz-258 V2.0

Kraz-258 V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

KrAZ 258 6×4 truck produced by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant (KrAZ), produced in the period from 1966 to 1977. The KrAZ 258 is designed for transportation of goods with attached semitrailers with a total weight of up to 30 tons. Mod Pack Contents: KrAZ-258 Road Truck: price: 38,000; engine: YaMZ-238, 240 hp; power: 240 hp; speed: 82 km/h; configuration of the engine, wheels, design and main color; mirrors, animation of the suspension, cardan shafts, fan, arrows, pedals, gearshift, the dashboard is as animated as possible. Semi-trailer Tanker TZ-22: price: 21,000; transports fuel. volume of 22,000 liters; the function of refueling vehicles; wheel configuration, design and color (main and additional); suspension animation,…

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Simple Farmlamp Pack

Simple Farmlamp Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Small Solar Garden Lamp. Price: 20 € Works with mod seasons. Small Markerlight. Price: 50 € Works with mod seasons. Small Gardenlamp. Price: 100 € Works with mod seasons. Medium Woodlamp. Price: 180 € Works with mod seasons. Medium Gardenlantern. Price: 250 € Works with mod seasons. Medium Frostedglass Lamp. Price: 300 € Works with mod seasons. Big Gardenlamp. Price: 500 € Works with mod seasons. Big Redglass Lantern. Price: 800 € Works with mod seasons. Big Old Lantern. Price: 1000 € Works with mod seasons.

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Concrete Fences Pack

Concrete Fences Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Fence1: Price: 150€ Fence2: Price: 250€ Fence3: Price: 100€ Fence4: Price: 150€ Fence5: Price: 300€ Fence6: Price: 500€ Fence7: Price: 350€ Fence8: Price: 250€ Fence9: Price: 200€ Fence10: Price: 300€ Post1: Price: 50€ Post1: Price: 70€ Upkeep: 1€ per Day

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Grimme Maisplus Pack

Grimme Maisplus Pack for Farming Simulator 19

I once set myself a range and adapted the beet technology for the small farmers among us, that is to say I have the Grimme Rootster600 and FT 300 ready for carrots and onions and increased the capacity from 6000L to 9000L. Arbeitsbreite/Working width: 3m Kapazität/capacity: 9000L Rootster600: 185 PS/HP FT300: 85 PS/HP Früchte Zuckerrüben, Karotten und Zwiebeln Fruits: sugar beets, carrots and onions Next Update: Color selections Selectable tires Beaconlight Work lighting

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Polish Vehicle And Equipment Pack V1.0.2.0

Polish Vehicle And Equipment Pack V1.0.2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Vehicles –Ursus C3603P Price: 16,000 HP: 47 –Zetor 5211 Zetor 5245 Price: 26,000 HP: 51 –Zetor 6211 Zetor 6245 Price: 26,000 HP: 59 –Zetor 7211 Zetor 7245 Zetor 7245HoralSystem Price: 26,000 HP: 66 –Zetor 7745 Zetor 7745 Turbo Price: 26000 HP: 66 –Zetor 7520-Zetor 9520 Price: 28,000 HP: 71 –Zetor 8520-Zetor 10540 Price: 34000 HP: 103 Ursus 932 Ursus 934 Price: 38,000 HP: 80 Ursus 1132 Ursus 1134 Price: 38,000 HP: 80 Ursus 1232 Ursus 1234 Price: 49000 HP: 119 Ursus 1434 Ursus 1634 Price: 54000 HP: 155 Telescopic loaders With a 6 meter and 7 meter arm JCB 520 4 Farm Special -JCB 525b Farm Special -JCB 520-4 Price: 98000…

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