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Water Pack

Water Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This water pack contains five small water sources from the hydrant to wooden well. With all of these water sources, you can load water into your water trailer for free. The mods have done their job successfully in my Build and Let’s Play videos. I’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk 🙂 Note: The wells do not level automatically. So you have to level the terrain beforehand.

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Eurospand Pack

Eurospand Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Born during the seventies of the last century, the Eurospand brand has always distinguished itself with success for the care taken in building and supplying professional fertilizer spreaders with structural strength, distribution precision, resistance to corrosion and continuous and constant technical innovation. , the basis of one’s thinking. In the mid-90s, following a company change, OMB presented a new commercial line on the market under the name Cavallo, and in 2001, it invented and created Vibro System, the vibrating bottom of the hopper, which has successfully distinguished the entire production of machines with double disc distributor until then realized. At the end of 2012, following a merger by incorporation, OMB becomes…

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Kramer Pack

Kramer Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This mod pack is based on the original KRAMER telescopic wheel loader from GIANTS. It Is Available In 4 Different Models: Agricultural design, municipal design, construction industry design and as a Hirschfeld edition. The models can be configured with 3 motor variants and 4 tire formats. You have got additional hydraulic connections for the attachments and trailers. The two doors and the interior lighting can be opened and closed or switched on and off via SIC. Supplied With Attachments That Are Color-coordinated With The KRAMER Models And Equipped With Hydraulic Hoses: PALADIN high tip bucket with increased loading volume PALADIN round bale tongs STOLL pile fork extended to 3 prongs and…

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Fendt Tigo Package

Fendt Tigo Package for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt Tigo XR Pack Fendt Tigo loader wagon Highest quality forage. Best utilization of loading capacity. Rapid unloading. The Fendt Tigo XR station wagon will fulfill these wishes. The multifunctional bulkhead with VarioFill gives you an enormous load space with an additional 6 m³. Whether silage or hay: the automatic loading system with infinitely adjustable pre-compression pressure guarantees that every cubic meter of loading space is used and actively supports unloading. The result: a cleanly emptied trolley and top quality forage. Fendt Tigo XR Series: ✔ Price: 126.000€ ✔ 165.000€ ✔ Capacities from 30 000 to 54 000 liters ✔ Needed power: between 180hp and 250hp ✔ Several tire configurations: Trelleborg…

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Bressel And Lade High TIP Shovel Pack

Bressel And Lade High TIP Shovel Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The L67 and L71 large volume shovels allows you to transport and load various bulk materials. With various customization options the shovels can adapted to your use. The tools are in category frontloaders and wheelloaders. L67: width: 1900 to 2730 liter price: 7625 to 8400 € L71: width: 4600 to 6210 liter price: 10995 to 12280 €

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John Deere W500 Serie

John Deere W500 Serie for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, I present you my John Deere W500 Series for FS2019 with all FS19 standards. My mod has a new design, new features, configurations, and many other improvements. Have fun with this mod. Mod Functions: *All basic functions of FS 19 *UDIM Texture *New Michelin tires *Transport Protection Sign *Reflective Stickers config *2 motor versions (JD W540, JD W550) *Logo config (Tiemann, Fricke) *Number config (1/2/3/4/5) *GPS StarFire 3000 Config *Convoi Agricole Table Config *Warning Signs Config *Animated hydraulics *New color windows *Animated joystick *Animated indoor huds *Working lights, turn signals, brake lights *Complete wheelset (Michelin/Trelleborg/Mitas) *Movable rear axle *Seat Suspension *New details model *Many other animations… In The Pack: John…

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