BDM Autoload Pack V3.0 for FS2019

BDM Autoload Pack V3.0 for Farming Simulator 19

The following trailers are included in the pack:
Strautmann SEK 802
Flyer DPW 180
Flyer DPW 210
HVAC platform
Semi-trailer (New V1.2)
BDF 2 axle (New V1.3)
BDF 3 axles (New V1.3)
TDM 2 axles (New V1.3)
TDM 3 axles (New V1.3)

Autoload charging functions:
Square bales
Round bale
Mission Pallets
Egg cartons
Large pallets e.g. plant protection products
Normal pallets e.g. lime big bag or seedling pallet
Board pallets e.g. board pallets from NF Marsch Map or BDM productions
Large boards Pallets e.g. sawmill from Susi 25
Cuboids and round bales from the straw harvesting addon (New V1.3)
Various configuration options
IC Support (New V1.3)

The following mods are required:
IT Runner pack Required by Giants
Click me

If you want to use the IC control, then you need FS19_simpleIC:
Click me

Permissions And Important Information:
Editing and uploading the mod on other sites is NOT allowed!
The script may not be used in other vehicles and trailers without permission and uploaded!
I Got Permission From Alfalfa6945 To Install The Autoload Script In My Mods And Use It!
I have permission from Ifko to include the Addconfig script
The trailer trunk of the ATC Chassis Pack, was revised by me and it is according to the creator of the pack No permission necessary!

Updates/Changelog: V3.0
General new features:
Unload marker renewed (Now better visible)
New icon for Autoload (pallet, round bale and square bale logo at the bottom right of the speedometer display)
Bales and pallets from straw collection Addon Compatible
Color palette extended
Category Icon renewed
Shop title renewed
ModDesc version changed to 47
Added IC Control for all devices with tailgate attachment (IC Control Mod is required [Github])

New devices/trailers:
BDF trailer 2 axles
BDF trailer 3 axles
TDM trailer 2 axles
TDM trailer 3 axles

New features Old devices/trailers:
(DPW 210) Pallets can now be loaded with Autoload
(DPW 180) Multicolor Added
(DPW 180) New construction versions
(DPW 180) Marker lights Configurable
(DPW 180) side lighting renewed
(DPW 180) Shop Icon renewed
(semi-trailer) New body versions
(semi-trailer) New rotating beacon configuration
(Trailer) Multicolor Added
(semi-trailer) Marker lights Configurable
(Semi-trailer) side lighting renewed
Collision on loading areas without body fixed
(Semi-trailer) Autoload marker position improved
(HKL platform) I3d revised (no more loading time when buying)
ATTENTION: The old version (FS19_Autoloadpack) must be deleted from the Mod folder!




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