Lsfm Universal Tank Pack V for FS2019

Lsfm Universal Tank Pack V for Farming Simulator 19

Overfilled tanks from lsfm. with the Quacky Duck Cz logo. cars are not part of it.

Universal tank trailer pack with advanced features.
Note: This pack creates under Tools a new shop category there is everything from the pack to find.

Contents Of This Pack:
Universal Tank Trailer 7500L (small 1 axle drum)
Universal Tank Trailer 18000L (larger 2 axle barrel)
Universal Tank Trailer 32000L as a semitrailer semi-trailer
Universal storage tank 3000L
Universal Shuttle Tank 10000L mountable on all trucks
Universal IBC Container Tank 2000L
telehandler Hook for moving the two tanks attached with chain

Attention ! The IBC module was removed because of too many problems.

Fix: Semi Trailer Cover Node generates error because it does not exist
all tanks have been changed from specified fill types to FillType categories (thus new fill types are automatically detected)
Changed method for loading the EffectHolder
Added Missing TypeDesc to the IBC tank


LS19| Snu probiert | #2 PREVIEW LSFM UniversalTankTrailerPack v. Farmer_Andy



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