Farming Simulator 19 mods


Agco 1000 Series

Farming Simulator 19 3

Agco 1000 Series Price 329,000$ to 374,500$ Power 291kW (396hp) to 380kW (517hp) 4 Engine Configurations: 1038 1042 1046 1050 24 Tire Configurations: 12 Michelin 12 Trelleborg 3 Brand Configurations: Seed liquid fertilizer milk digestate manure fuel HMilch Seeds2 diesel No Logerror Multiplayer Challenger Fendt Fendt Black Beauty EU configuration US configuration Fender Configurations Openable Door

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Case IH Magnum US Series

Case IH Magnum US Series for Farming Simulator 2019

Case IH Magnum US SeriesThe North American edition of the base game Magnum which includes 58 wheel configurations, 5 engine configurations, Front weight configurations, 3 point hitch option, foldable side flashers, more dash lights, indoor cab animations, entering animations, openable door, and upgraded sound! Base Price 260,000$ Engine Configurations250 CVT – 320 HP280 CVT – 350 HP310 CVT – 380 HP340 CVT – 410 HP380 CVT – 435 HP North American Tire ConfigurationsTrelleborg – 29Michelin – 29 Fender ConfigurationsFrontweight ConfigurationsQuick Hitch Configuration

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STEYR 8100 SK1 basic version

STEYR 8100 SK1 basic version for Farming Simulator 2019

Hello, today we introduce the 8100 SK1 to you.Baisisversion; Basic version means that this model will be extended / updated. We will not rename the zip file, so you can continue a game without having to buy the vehicle every time. A big THANKS goes to Joe968, for approval to use his newly built LESNIK front linkage. This FH upgrades the Styr 8090a SK2 model optically a lot! 🙂 Furthermore, a big THANKS goes to Max, MB3D Modeling ( who again gave us the release for the release of the Steyr model. (Steyr 8080a SK1 model LSm was used as the basis for the Steyr 8090a SK2 conversion) Info / Data…

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Farming Simulator 19 4

This semi-trailer can load: Seed liquid fertilizer milk digestate manure fuel HMilch Seeds2 diesel No Logerror Multiplayer capable

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Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590

Farming Simulator 19 5

Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590 is a sweeper that makes it easy to keep your farm, stables and roads clean. The large brush moves dirt reliable into the collection tank. If needed you can lower the side brush for hard to reach places, the side brush moves the dirt towards the middle of the maschine. The sweeper cleans the ground from all bulk and also tire tracks. Picked up material will be converted to manure and can be discharged everywhere you like. The Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590 is available with various hitch systems. Price: 8680 € Required power: 35 hp Working width: 2.3 m Capacity: 280 l

Download Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590 

Autoload pallet fork XXS V1.1

Farming Simulator 19 6

These are the original pallet forks from the game with Easy Autoload. Functionality: 1. Select Autoload what should be loaded. 2. Switch on the autoload. 3. Move up to the desired object until it is displayed on the fork. 4. Press Z to unload. 5. Drop off a normally loaded pallet or drive to an activated Autoload trailer until it picks up the pallet. If you Lua error gets look in the log for the following entry, Valid easyAutoLoad vehicleTypes, This entry tells you which of your Autoload Mods need to be updated or which are incompatible The most fun is my Kögel tarp trailer with the Autoload XXS configuration. The…

Download Autoload pallet fork XXS V1.1